Out and about: the birthday edition!

So yesterday was my birthday! Last year I was heavily pregnant and spent a good part of it alone, then  Rob came home ill from work with the flu, and tried to steal my thunder by feinting. But my sister and friends came in the evening and it was a nice day in the end.

But this year Rob had the day off and my Mum lives in visiting distance, so I decided I wanted to do something fun for all of us. The weather forecast was set to rain all day, and it did, so we decided to go to the Aquarium. I love Aquariums and thought it would be something that we could all enjoy, especially Theo. (Because basically everything revolves around him nowadays anyway...!)

In the morning I opened cards and a few presents, then had a lovely relaxing bath before my Mum and Andy arrived, then we set off on our adventure!

(warning, this post has LOTS of photos!)

The aquarium hasn't been there long, and Rob was telling me about what it used to be, so I'm glad we visited as it was something new for all of us. Luckily it was really quiet too, so for most of it we were alone in the dark and quiet watching the fish.

and I must just add, that a few weeks back we bought the Ergo carrier, and for days out like yesterday it was perfect! Theo was at a great level to see everything properly and it was so easy to get around, and he gets really bored in the pram and much prefers to be carried, so it's prefect especially when there is someone to carry him that isn't me!

For lunch we decided to check out this new restaurant in Bristol, which was luckily right next door. It's called Zaza Bizarre, and is a HUGE buffet type place, with food from all over the world. I'm not usually a fan of buffet places, as usually the food is pretty dire, but here they have chefs preparing things freshly in front of you, and often to order. They had Thai, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, English (haha) texmex and so much more! It's safe to say we got our moneys worth, and were really stuffed, and I didn't even get to try the Indian food! Theo had a fun time too, walking round and being shown everything.

We then headed back to the aquarium as you can go in and out all day. We definitely needed to walk off our lunch!

We also managed to catch two feeding sessions, and the fish were going mental!

This bit was my favourite, with all the pretty coral and tropical fish, and the rays...I love their funny little faces!

eeee! Was such a fun day!

We then went to do a little shopping with some birthday money I got, and I bought a pretty dress. We were all so tired by this point that we got the bus home and had a cup of tea! My mum had made me a lovely birthday cake too, so this was also enjoyed!

Yes that's right, I'm now the grand old age of 25! I can't believe I'm actually 25...and I have a baby..!

So I had a lovely day indeed. Thanks to my Mum and Andy for coming to visit, and thanks to everyone who messaged or sent cards and gave presents. It is very much appreciated, and nice to have a day that is about me (for the most part) and not about the baby! (haha I'm a birthday brat, there I said...ok?)

Roll on Christmas!


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