Happiness list

So I thought I would take the time to write another happiness list, seeing as there are lots of things making me smile recently!

- Our new home

Think we've properly settled in now, and I just LOVE it. I love coming home and getting all cosy, cooking dinner and decorating. It feels like a proper family home, our family home. Finally. Hopefully this time we will stay here long enough to make proper memories.

- New babies!

My dear friend Fritha announced yesterday that she had her baby Wilfryd. It sounds as though she did an amazing job, having him at home. It made me all teary! Even though she is a fairly new (but good) friend, I have loved watching and seeing her pregnancy progress and reliving it all! I feel lots of love already for the little baby, and I just can't wait to meet him. I'm so proud of you Fritha!

- Christmas!

I'm so over excited about Christmas this year. On Monday I went a bit crazy as we decorated the house, listening to Christmas music and baking Christmas biscuits. Who can blame me though, it's Theo's first ever Christmas, and even though he won't really understand what it is all about, I can't wait for him to experience it. For me Christmas is about family, and getting together no matter what we are all going through at the time. And for me, now that I have my own little family, nothing can be more important than that.

- 1st Birthdays

This week one of my friends who I have known since ante-natal swimming classes, and one of my first new friends I made in Bristol, saw her baby turn one. One year old! I can't believe that it's been a whole year, and soon it will be Theo's turn. We had a lovely little meet up again to celebrate, along with another mum from the same class. I love seeing them altogether, as the babies (as well as the mamas) get on so well. I love that we have seen all of them grow together, and spend their first year together. It makes me heart very glad.

- Books and words

Seeing and Theo interact with objects and people so much more, and becoming more vocal too. He has growling conversations with his books and dadadada babblings with other babies. It just makes me so excited for when we can have real conversations and I can really understand what is going on in his sweet little head!

So that's about it. oh one more thing that is making me happy, Peppermint hot chocolates! Perfect for this time of year! Hope everyone is doing well, and feeling happy and festive!

and p.s sorry for the bad quality phone pictures that everyone has probably seen already, it's been too busy round here to even pick up the proper camera! 


  1. I love doing happy lists. They feel cheesy at first but they totally make you smile.

  2. Love your list too! What a fab idea :)


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