Christmas blah blah blah

So I know I'm a bit late in posting about Christmas, but this is the first time I've really had chance to sit down and write.

I returned home yesterday after so much running around all over the country, and I was pretty glad to be home. It was nice to see family, but we have decided that next year we are going absolutely nowhere!

But for now here are a few pictures we managed to get of Christmas day, when we weren't too busy stuffing our faces or unwrapping presents.

We spent the morning just us at home opening stockings and a few presents, which was lovely.

We then went over to Robs parents for breakfast and more presents, which was also lovely and then made our way to Malvern to my Mums.


yes that is Eastenders we're watching...

Father Christmas came to visit Theo especially, and gave him lots of lovely presents, like his new bike (from aunty!)

The food was lovely, and it was a really nice day, but it all seemed to go too quickly. What with having to factor in naps for Theo it felt as though I hardly had time to do all the usual Christmas day things, like eat loads more than I did, play games, watch Christmas tv etc...It didn't help that Theo and I woke up with bad colds, and that made everything else pretty hard work.

So that was Christmas day. We left my mums about 10.30 as we were all so tired. I will update about the rest later! Hope everyone else had a lovely day ( I have enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures!)


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