Sorry it's been so quiet here on the blog, to be honest it's felt a bit more like a chore than a pleasure to keep up with it recently. I think I've come to a bit of a dry spell and I'm a bit bored with it and it's direction. I feel what with all the change that is happening in our lives at the moment that I should shake up the blog and change it too. I want to do more regular features and blog about other things than just life with Theo.

He will of course still feature heavily on the blog, because like it or not he follows me around everywhere I go, and most of my days are dedicated to the little worm. And that is what the blog started as. But I feel I want to also explore and feature more things just about me and where I live and what I'm inspired by.

As Theo is getting older I feel I need to get a bit more of me back, not that I'm 100% sure who that is at the moment, so I guess I would like some time to discover that again! But now that I'm not going back to work I really want to use that time constructively, to make my blog productive and as a source of inspiration (for me!) and to have a few hours a week alone, to do things JUST for me. I fully believe that being a full time mum is a just as hard and fulfilling job as any other, and like anyone I need to have a break from that job sometimes!

I just had a great conversation with my sister, which after not speaking properly for months, has left me feeling inspired and excited for the future. She's coming to visit in a few weeks and I'm really excited. She's going to help me redesign the blog and we're going to plan plan plan. It's great talking to someone who has similar ideas and understands my tastes and where I'm coming from.

Anyway, it may be a little quiet around here for the next week or so as we pack and move and no doubt be Internet less for a few days, but stay tuned for a few changes!


  1. Excited to see you newly designed blog once it's finished and hope you 'find yourself' again soon (currently having the same problem).

    Good luck with the move and cant wait to meet you and your little worm!


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