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Hello! So this may become a regular feature, especially as I will be discovering a new part of Bristol soon, so I thought I would try and document my old favourite and new places that I visit.

I thought I would start with the best of the best. The Burger Joint on Cotham Hill.

I discovered this restaurant nearly a year ago, on a cold December night which happened to be my Birthday. I went with my sister and two of my best friends, Rob unfortunately was suffering with the flu so couldn't join us, and he was gutted after our reports. Since it's nearly moving day we thought we would pay a visit for a sit in burger (they do take out too, like getting a Mcdonalds but 100,000,000,000 times better!) and luckily since I am an avid follower on twitter I snapped up the (great) deal of 2-4-1 burgers. I usually have my old time favourite: chicken burger, cheddar, djionnaise dressing and french fries. But this time I decided to push the boat out and get blue cheese instead, which was pleasing and tasty, but still not beating my favourite. Rob is usually a lot more adventurous, or just hasn't found his winning combination yet (there are so many combination choices to choose from!) Today he had Peri Peri Chicken with grilled chorizo and garlic mayo, and its safe to say that he inhaled the lot.    

Rob is sporting his third eyebrow for movember, dashing I know, and Theo slept right up until the point our food was placed in front of us, of course. But was as charming as ever for the rest of the meal, giving away some pretty cute smiles and waving at the waitress. I forgot to say that the staff are always amazing in there too, really friendly and accommodating for noisy babies! And they always chat to you and take an interest in the baby, which we love!

yum yum yum! Now I'm no food critic, but I must agree with them, when they say that they are the best burgers in Bristol.

On our walk home we stopped off at the Oxfam bookshop to stock up on a few more childrens books. I like slowly building up Theo's collection and try and get one or two every once in a while. They usually have a great selection that are in good condition and reasonably priced, and books are books and worth buying when you see them.

These are the two main things I'm probably going to miss when we move area, as it's great having these places on our doorstep (but not so great for our wallets!) But I'm excited to find more great places, and of course will always come back here specially for the burgers!


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