A new leaf

I feel bad, I've been neglecting my blog too much recently. But I guess I haven't had anything too pressing that has been on my mind that I need to express and work through by writing a post. Also there hasn't really been anything too exciting going on here, enough to warrant any picture taking or writing about. But I feel bad all the same.

This week Theo is feeling a little better, but is still suffering with a cough. Once again I don't really know what i have done to pass the week, but it has passed all the same. Under two weeks until we move now. Today my mum came to visit to drop off some boxes so we can start packing, and I started to sort out all of our things. It felt really good to go through the boxes of crap that has no use but some how get kept and sort them out. Sometimes I feel a bit suffocated knowing there is corners of our flat that just have bits and pieces piled up, not being used, but just sitting there. It feels unorganised, messy and pretty pointless, so it was great to go through everything and really only keep what we use.

I have moved quite a few times in the last few years, about 9 infact! And have managed to collect a fair amount of junk along the way. We've signed a year contract for the new house, so hopefully this time we will stay in one place for long enough to get it really sorted and looking the way we want it to.

It feels like its the right time to be moving, sorting and changing. Everything is changing with Robs job, hopefully for the better, we are moving to a new area, a new house (a house!) and I'm officially not going back to work. Its going to be a new start and change for us all, and I couldn't be gladder! I just hope it all works out for the best, because hopefully change is always good.

I'll be back when I've got a few more interesting things to say!


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