The end of the holiday

So its officially the end of Rob's holiday, and mine. We were very lucky and ended up having about two and a half weeks off together. Which was great.

We ended the holiday by going up to my mums for a few days. On the way up we stopped at my friends to see her new baby girl, who is gorgeous! I completely forgot how to hold a newborn, and when I did she was so tiny and just had a sweet scrunched up sleeping face. Theo looks like a full blown CHILD compared to her, no way is he a baby anymore!

We arrived at my mums late afternoon and had tea and cake and sat around chatting. After dinner Theo had a bath and a feed but wasn't ready for bed, so my Mum very kindly suggested that we went out to the nice pub down the road, whilst she stayed and looked after Theo. It felt strange to be stepping out into the night without Theo, and going to a pub like a normal couple, for a few drinks. It was great, I've had a few cravings recently to go to a proper old pub and drink ale, and this is what we did.

The next day was really great too, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the boys were working out in the garden all day, whilst my Mum and I went on a nice walk and visited a house clearance shop to hunt for a few bargains. I got a nice mirror and a few pictures. I love this time of year, and it was the first time going for a walk and seeing all the trees properly changing now.

Theo spent the morning crawling about and playing outside too. I love that my Mum has lots of outside space, and can't wait for Theo to be able to run around there and explore and get his hands dirty! He already was up to mischief...

That evening we had a yummy roast whilst Theo had a really early night!

The next morning we were planning to leave earlyish, but my Mum decided to give me a much needed haircut. (I got quite a lot cut off eek!) and we wanted to go on a nice walk. So we didn't end up leaving until the late afternoon, but I'm glad we stayed, as time always seems to go quickly and I don't get to see my family enough.

We went for a really lovely walk up one of the hills in Malvern, which had stunning views and was very autumnal!


What a lovely few weeks we have had. I'm gutted that Rob has to go back to work, as it's really useful having him around! I just want the time to go quickly now, so we can move.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I hope you are all having a nice weekend!


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