A Theo update

I realised that I haven't really done an update about Theo lately, as this is really what this blog is about, him.

I haven't posted again this week and I'm not really sure where the time has gone, because most of the time there are a million things to do before I can even think of sitting down to write. But I did do a guest post for the lovely Fritha on her blog, so go and read that, and the rest of her blog whilst you are at it! She is getting closer and closer to meeting her little bebe that she has been growing, and I'm so excited!

Theo this week has been on pretty good form, except for a bit of a cough and cold he is still managing to be sweet, lively and inquisitive. That's something I've come to realise about Theo recently, he is incredibly active and inquisitive and interested in everything. I love this about him, but it's tiring! I love seeing his little brain discover and work things out. He is always busy looking for the new thing to discover and work out.

Suddenly this week, probably after having a play date with a few of his older friends and seeing them do it, he has decided he can walk with his little walker.

It's so sweet and funny to see his little legs walking, he's getting to be more like a real little boy everyday.

Everything with moving is still going ahead, and happening really soon. I feel I just want to get there as soon as possible now, and have more space and feel a little more settled.

Just a quick update as there's lots to do today! I'm very excited as this evening I'm going to go see Bon Iver. My lovely friend Jo asked me if I wanted to come along with her, as she had a spare ticket because she is reviewing the show. I jumped at the chance as it's sold out and when I last saw him/them at Greenman 2010 they blew me away. Rob is having his first real evening of looking after Theo by himself, so fingers crossed it goes ok! Its going to be so weird going out in the evening to something like this, by myself without Theo. Hooray, I might even treat myself to an alcoholic beverage to feel really wild!

Hope you all have a great weekend x


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