a little early, but Christmas!

I usually get pretty angry and riled up about all the christmas adverts and everything being so early, I mean it's not even December yet!? but, but this year I'm actually quite excited about it.

We will be in our new house, and it will be our first ever proper family Christmas. And that's what Christmas should be about right, family? My family Christmas's of past have been interesting to say the least, some enjoyable, some not. But I still hold that nostalgic happy feeling of Christmas, of warmth, coziness and being with people you love. As a child I have very happy memories of this time of year. Now that I have a little family of my own, I hope that I can recreate the magic feeling that Christmas brings for Theo. I hope that he is happy and understand that it's not just about presents and new toys, but about being with the people you love, giving and being thankful for what you do have.

Not many of you may know but it's my birthday two days before Christmas too, which is good and bad. I usually get fobbed off with the whole 'two presents in one' or it gets forgotten about altogether, but usually it's a nice excuse to get everyone together just before Christmas day. I'm hoping I can see some of my friends from home around that time too.

So even though I don't really believe in asking for lots of presents, as that's not what its all about,  there are a few useful things that have caught my eye:

Mainly this watch, which would be very handy indeed:

It's a Swatch 'New Gent' watch in Rose, in case any of you are taking note...

Also nice things for our home like this:

and a new cutlery set would be good too:

There are a few clothes and books and other bits and bobs I've got my eye on, and of course more things for our new home, but I'm not going to list all of those.

As for Theo I'm going to keep my eye out for some sweet new toys, mainly for when he's a bit older, and of course clothes! He will need lots of clothes, probably all of H&M's stock would be great!

That's all for now, hope everyone else is well and is getting excited about Christmas!


  1. Good choice with the watch, its lovely!

    I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, we finally live somewhere a little bigger so I can get a bit more festive this year. I can't wait to have kiddies so we can do the proper family thing.


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