The daddy date

So yesterday me and Kimberlee (well mostly Kimberlee) got down to some serious cake baking for our first party event for our new business, 'The Homemade Mama'! Exciting! Will write another post on our business soon, as it's slowly but surely coming together and feel like we can talk about it now..

Rob and I went over with the intention of the daddy's looking after the babies whilst the mummies what a role reversal! I think Rob is quite confident now at being alone for longer periods of time with Theo, which is great as it means I can relax a bit and know it's not all on me!

Again it was a lovely day, and the dads got to go out to the park whilst we stayed inside literally baking too in the flat with the oven on..I think it was actually good for Rob to be hanging out with another dad, with a baby pretty much the same age as Theo, as in reality Rob rarely has contact with other dads in his situation, whereas I've had that support network of other mums since Theo was born. Sometimes its really good just to talk to people going through the same thing, to be like 'oh yeh mine does that too!' and realise you don't have a freak baby and you're not doing things all wrong! 

Rob borrowed another camera from work and took some lovely photos of the daddy date day of fun!

look at those top teeth

messy face!

ice cream!
All in all it was a very successful and good day! No major baby upset and the dads coped really well flying solo! (hip hip hooray!) And these baby's are so.damn.cute!

So here's to more daddy dates and baby free mummy time...


  1. @charlotte, haha they are both quite dashing aren't they, especially with ice cream smeared across their faces


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