A quiet weekend

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, it's not because we have been that busy, but actually more like just enjoying Rob's time off and continuing to relax and be lazy.

Today we got up and watched a film, dragged ourselves to Sainsburys to buy some comfort food, and came back and settled in for a day of doing NOTHING! We watched 'The fellowship of the ring' extended edition, ate soup, ben & jerrys ice cream, tortilla chips and dip and chocolate and didn't move from the sofa. Theo napped on me on and off all day. I then snoozed on the sofa whilst Rob watched the football, then started to make a yummy veggie shepards pie. All very cozy and winter warming. It was the perfect lazy day.

Yesterday one of my oldest dearest friends also came to visit me, which was great. We drank tea and chatted, then went to eat burgers and finally went for a walk on the downs. I've found it so hard to find time to properly keep up with friends on the phone and have proper talks, and fit around their schedules too, that it's just so much better when you are face to face and have the whole day to talk and talk. But with old friends it doesn't seem to matter the time that elapses between when you last caught up, the relationship is still the same, and they still understand you just as well.  It's really refreshing to be with an old friend who knows me well, and knows me pre-baby too. Sometimes I forget what I was like, and what sort of person I used to be, I cant even remember what I really talked about other than babies. Not that I don't like who I am now, or my life now, but sometimes its good to remember there was a slightly different you, with different priorities and interests. But mostly it's just great to have friends who are still there and still love you and understand you even though things and I have changed a bit. I just wished that they lived in the same city as me. Not that I'm not glad for my new friends here in Bristol, because I am, and I look forward to our friendships growing more and more, but nothing beats catching up with an old friend.

So that's all, off to put the baby to bed. Tomorrow we are going to visit a friend from University and meet her new little baby girl Aurelie. I'm so excited to see a new born again! Then we're continuing up to my mum's for a few days before Rob returns back to work.

I'm hoping these weeks go quickly and we can move soon. We filled out the application forms for the house, and have decided to take the plunge and sign a contract for a year. I hope this is the right decision, as we really don't want to move again in 6 months, and this way we will be forced to stay put! But I feel the house is right and hopefully we won't want to move for a year or so. Fingers crossed!

Also I'm getting excited about Christmas. Not really the presents or the day, but just that indescribable feeling of Christmas. It's nostalgic and warming, cozy and loving (hopefully) and i'm very excited about our first Christmas morning with my own little family. (I have been thinking about my Christmas list and have a few ideas so I might put it on here....!)

So goodnight, hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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