9 Months

Theo is 9 months old today hip hip hooray!

It's been a good and a bad month for this little baby, he has been teething like mad, full of cold and sickness bugs. But in return has four new teeth up top, is fully cruising round the furniture, taken a few steps with his walker and learnt to climb stairs. He's been on holiday, saw his first steam train, had lots of cuddles and been spoiled by his granny and grampa. Lucky boy.

I can't quite believe that he has now been outside in the big wide world for as long as he was baking away inside of me. I miss my little co-habitor, and miss having him all to myself, fully protecting him. As much as I love to see him grow and learn and build relationships with other people sometimes I wish he was just mine again and we still had that secret little relationship communicating with kicks and pats. It's hard to believe this crazy crawling, babbling happy little boy once was as small as a bean that lived and grew inside of me. But hooray he did eventually come out to meet us all, because the world would be a very dull place to live if he hadn't of!

So in other news, as I'm sure a few of you know already, we decided to get the house we saw on Tuesday. We had to wait and see if they would let us have Alma there, but thankfully the would, so we put down the deposit. I feel really excited about it, and really just want to move now!

It's a two bedroom Victorian terrace, with lots more room downstairs than we have now. It's a house, an actual whole house, no one above or below us, just us. The landlords have been living there themselves, and it's their family home, so it is a well lived in and loved house. I like this fact, I like that it hasn't just been rented by random people for ages, but that it's a proper home already. It's in really good condition and just felt really right for us. The location is good, on a quiet street in a residential area not too far from town, but not smack bang in the middle of it like we are now. It has a nice big room for Theo, when he eventually moves out of our room (and bed!) We move on the 1st of December, and we'll hopefully be all settled and cozy just before Christmas...perfect! I do like our flat at the moment, and has been good to us for the time we've been here, but it just feels like the right time to move on, and settle a little bit more in a quieter location.

Wow, feels like we're becoming adults more and more....eeek


  1. Happy nine months Theo!

    Aw this made me blub! I'm so pleased for you, it'll be lovely to be all settled ready for Christmas. Theo's first in a lovely new home!



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