the ugly duckling

happy Sunday everyone!

It's lovely and sunny, and I'm, well inside writing. I should really go out and make the most of it, but the baby is napping, so for now I shall enjoy it through the window...(even though the curtains are drawn because I can't see the screen otherwise) But Anyway...

Just want to share a few photos of the adorable Theo. Sometimes (all the time) when I look at Theo in the mirror next to me, or look at photos of us together, I feel ugly...that's really weird right, that your own baby can make you feel a bit ugly? It's just because his face is so perfect, and I could look at it for hours and like every single feature..but then I look at my own face and scrutinize all the bad points and see all my flaws. It's weird. Theo has my features and often looks loads like me, but I still can't help but feel inferior to him!

But anyway, Rob borrowed a fancy camera from work so we went out for a little walk around Clifton to take some photos. I really want to try and get some more (decent) photos of myself and Theo, as they are few a far between (ahem Robert)

See what I mean? i know I'm completely bias but he really is the most smashing, dashing, gooouulashing baby I've ever seen...c'mon look at this face!

Baby modeling anyone?

Oh and here's us chilling infront of some of our dream homes...

dream on!

Yesterday we went to visit my mother, as she has moved to Malvern, nearer me! Rob cycled to Gloucester as he is training for his sponsored bike ride he's doing soon...(what's that, you want to sponsor him to raise money for the British Heart Foundation? ok here's the page!)

We arrived and had a play in the garden. The people before left some toys and a trampoline and this great baby swing, which is perfect for Theo..

It was a nice day, but busy and tiring, but so lovely to be able to drive home in an hour! Best be off because the boy is awake and making a groaning sound at me..


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  2. you both look adorable! And lovely outfit! Xx

  3. I am so with you on this one. Theo is such a handsome sweetie, but try having a girl if you think you already feel bad! Becca always gets such lovely comments from people, who always suggest she be a baby model. We actually considered it briefly but I couldn't bring myself to look anyone up and put her forward. No one has ever suggested I be a model!

  4. Hah yeh true, me neither! My mum keeps on saying 'have you signed him up yet?' I'm tempted sometimes, maybe would help pay the bills haha! But I'm not sure whether a) it's really vain and b) whether I would want to expose him to that environment... But I've seen some baby models and I'm like Theo is way cuter than them! See already I'm scrutinising other people's babies!

  5. the birdcage walk photos are beautiful. of BOTH of you! but you're right, he is a seriously gorgeous little boy. he'll be SUCH a heartbreaker!


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