Mum vs Dad

How is it that when the baby wakes up in the night I can't go back to sleep until I know, until I'm sure he is back asleep and not going to wake up again.

This week we have an eye tooth coming through, so there have been grizzly days followed by broken nights. A few times he has been sick, then we all have to get up and change the bed. When we finally get back into bed, Rob rolls over and falls back asleep! How can it be that easy?! This is until I poke him and get him up to walk Theo around until he settles back down. I'm not complaining about Rob, he helps as much as he can in the night, but it just bugs me that dads, all dads have this power to get back and stay asleep really quickly!

I know he is the one who has to get up and go to work, so sleep in important, but that man can sleep through anything! And I need my sleep too...ugh the ever ongoing battle between parents as to who is more tired.

Theo is currently making circuits around the living room, in a few days he has gotten really good at crawling, and is following us everywhere, getting into everything and generally causing mischief.

But here are a few videos that make it all ok!

Theo is going to be 8 months next week! Can you believe it? I really need to do a catch up and round up of the last few months, maybe even a video too?

Right, that be all for now, I'll be back


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