i got my baby back, baby back...

Hi! So today Rob went back to work. It's been lovely him being around for two weeks, helping with Theo and giving me a bit of a break and the chance to get on with some sewing.

Apart from the weekend away at my dads we haven't really been up to much, having lazy mornings in bed, tidying the flat and watching silly tv shows (our current addiction is Chuck..) It's been really nice to see Rob spend more time with Theo and their relationship grow, but to be honest I felt a little jealous sometimes! Rob can always make Theo laugh whatever he does, which is great, but sometimes I felt a little left out, and that all I was good for was being the milk machine! I know its sort of silly, but I missed being alone with Theo in the day, going on our little adventures and sharing that time together. I bet I won't be saying this in a day or two, but I'm quite glad it's just us again and Rob is back to work!

I also missed our routine, going to classes and seeing friends and other babies. It got to the point where Theo hadn't seen another baby for well over a week, and I think he missed his friends! well I did anyway. It's lovely being with Rob lots of the time, but sometimes its nice to have a break to and be with some of my friends too!

So on Monday we had a busy day visiting friends and having play dates!

Its so fun to see Theo interacting with other babies now, and really cute!

We went on a few walks, and yesterday we had a fun family day out to the M shed, where we went to see the Martin Parr exhibition and the Bristol museum.

So Theo turned 7 months last week, can you bloody believe it? As I said in my last post he's like a proper little person now, he looks like a real boy! Definitely not a baby anymore. And he is desperate to move! When he's sitting he tries to reach for things and ends up rocking on his knees, then eventually gets on all fours. He just sorts of stays there rocking back and forth and hasn't worked out how to move yet, but I really don't think it will be long! eeeeeeek! That is one very scary thought. In a way I can't wait until he can move about on his own and play and discover things for himself, but I'm scared that from now on i'm going to have to have eyes EVERYWHERE, and it's going to be tiring! Also it's just that one extra step towards him becoming even more independent, and he won't need me as much. Sometimes I wish that he was just a little squishy immobile baby again, who I could carry with me and cuddle...now I have a wriggling, strong determined boy. And it's not going to stop, next he'll be pulling himself up, then walking, then running, aaaaaaah! Where has my baby gone?!

He's also getting so much better at eating, and I'm very glad that we are sticking to baby led weaning, even though he may not be getting huge amounts of food at the moment, hopefully in a month of so it will pay off, and he will be eating more and more importantly, feeding himself!

Currently Theo is napping in the bedroom, not needing me to be there! It's getting a little easier when I put him down at night now too, he's sometimes staying asleep when I leave him which is a very good development! He's still waking up at night a few times, but has started to be able to settle himself to sleep sometimes if I just leave him, fingers crossed this will keep on happening!


  1. lovely post, Theo really does look grown up doesnt he! I love his little expressions. You look stunning in these pics too :) xx


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