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Since some of the lovely bloggers I follow (Fritha, Naomi and Jo) have been doing the same, I thought I would hop on the old bandwagon and make a list of things that make me happy.

Since reading the others last night when I was in a terrible mood and feeling unhappy, I thought I would make a special effort to think of at least 10 things that are currently making me happy:

- Knowing that an the end of an argument, you are no longer angry with each other, but are still trying to pretend to be in a mood, but both just end up laughing at the whole situation

- Theo's face and squeals of delight as he crawls naked to the bathroom having his feet and legs bitten by his daddy

- a perfectly timed hug that makes everything ok again

- seeing how much Theo loves Rob when his face lights up and all he does is giggle whenever he is around

- falling asleep next to Theo with Alma curled asleep on my shoulder

- smelling the clean washing that has been hung outside to dry in this 'heatwave'

- hearing Rob come down the steps home from work and sitting Theo by the window to say hello

-visiting my mum and knowing she is only an hour away

- the thought of a mini break at the end of October, with just our little family

- and this video:

That's all, I'm sure there are plenty more, but I don't want to bore you of everything that Theo does everyday that makes me so happy!


  1. the timing of the hug is perfect. sometimes it can heal anything.


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