and a good weekend

Hi! It's Sunday evening, we've already had dinner and Theo has been asleep for about half an hour..fingers crossed he will stay asleep until I go to bed in about an hour.

So it's a nice evening, I even managed to do some knitting earlier!

This weekend has been really nice, but still a little over shadowed by the tired grumpy monster that I become sometimes, but mostly was good. My sister came to visit for the weekend and arrived late on Friday night. We stayed up chatting for a bit then retired to bed. The next morning we woke up ( well Theo woke up early) and we went for a play with aunty, who was really excited to see him!

On a side note, we finally bought a mattress for Theo's cot bed, and put it up against the bed with the side off, so it's sort of like we are still co-sleeping, just with a lot (a LOT!) more room. It got to the point with Theo sleeping between us, where none of us were getting much sleep, and I woke every morning feeling stiff from lying in awkward positions. Theo hasn't really seemed to have noticed the move, except waking up less, which is great! So I feel I've at least had a little more sleep! Hooray.

Anyway back to the weekend. In the morning we went out to run some errands, then later made our way over to our friends to walk to Aston court so see the Bristol Balloon fiesta! It was my first ever time going, and I was really excited as I'd seen lots of photos of it, but always managed to miss it.

It was a lot bigger than I imagined with a proper fair, lots of stalls and rides.

My sister and I got very over excited and nostalgic at all the stalls and smells of trodden down grass, candy floss, burgers and doughnuts...It reminded us of the fair that came to our town every year that we always went to with our dad.

We worked our way through the crowds to try and get a good spot to see the balloons taking off from. We had a little picnic and sat chatting for a while before the take off. Theo was being a funny little baby, trying to move all over the place (so desperate to crawl!) and trying to grab at all the food, at one point managing to put his hand in a full pot of hummus, then preceded to wipe it all over his face! He eventually settled down and had a feed and went to sleep.

The balloons started to take off shortly after he fell asleep. It was really exciting, a lot more than I had anticipated and really fascinating and beautiful to watch. There were so many! About 85 in total I think?

Theo eventually woke up and was able to have a little glimpse of the balloons!

 It was so lovely to be out as a family, at a family friendly event, with my sister and friends. There's not much we can do in the evenings that really involve being out with the baby so it was really refreshing to do so. I really really enjoyed it!

It was pretty late by the time we got home, so we got lovely takeaway burgers from a place near us. We stayed up talking for a little while, but we were all so tired that we went to bed!

This morning though I felt terrible. Theo woke about 6.30 and was awake on and off until about 8 I think, when he finally went back to sleep and so did I. Rob went to work and we spent most of the morning in our pyjamas. When I took Theo in for his nap in the afternoon my sister gave me a foot massage and told me to have a nap too! When I woke up again she had done all the washing up, put the washing out and had cooked lunch! What a lovely surprise...! After this went we out for a coffee and some cake. Then it was time for her to go :( This weekend went really quickly, but I enjoyed it a lot.

I really do hope that this 6 months low point I'm having passes, as it really is quite horrible. A lot of the time I feel like everything is on top of me and there is no way that it will let up. I'm hoping that another trip back home to see friends and family and a few more nights of better sleep will help, if not I will go and speak to the doctor I guess.

Right that's all for now..oh yeh there have been more exciting developments in the plans with Kimberlee, but it's all but sssh at the moment, because it's still very early days! I hope everyone else had a good weekend!

oh p.s almost forgot! Finally managed to get a photo of Theo's little teeth that have appeared...and yes they are sharp...


  1. That looks like such a perfect day out. I hope the 6month low passes soon. So nice of your sister to do all those things whilst you slept. Hoping you get some more sleep! x


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