Shame on me!

So, not surprisingly I didn't really keep to my promise of a post a day! It's been mega hot, and we've been pretty busy!

So where were we...well on Friday it was just Rob and I, so we decided to go to the beach. We were all kitted out for the first time with a parasol and lunch, to make the beach experience a bit more enjoyable. The thing is, is that I really hate sand, and I'm scared of the sea and only really enjoy it when someone else is in the sea with me, or its really clear! So why we went to the beach, I don't know. But it was relaxing to go and just lie there and read my magazine. Theo got all dressed up for his first real beach experience...

SO cute! Rob took him in the sea a little bit, but probably best to say he didn't really enjoy the experience . He didn't cry but I think he was shocked and suprised by it!

In the evening we went out for tapas. It was pretty late by the time we went out to eat, I definitely need to get my head around these holiday hours, and well how late everything is in Spain. It was fine before when I used to come, but since Theo its really different. At home we just have the same little routine of going out in the day, being at home in the evening waiting for Rob get home, then Theo going to bed between 8 and 10. We only went out to eat about 10, so it's taking a lot to get used to it. I'm pretty tired at the end of the day, as I still get up in the morning with Theo, as still waking up with him in the night. At home I usually got to bed about 10 or 11!

So anyway, we walked over to the area where Borjas parents live and had tapas in this really busy bar, but busy because the food is sooo good, always a good sign! We ordered loads, and unfortunately I forgot to take any photos, the food was too good! By the end of the night I was a very fat walking zombie!


Yesterday we, rather stupidly, decided to go shopping. The sales started in the week and it was a Saturday, and unlike England when it is nice weather people don't want to go shopping, but here people don't care because it's always nice and the shops have air conditioning! But it was good, we went quite early and managed to get to the shops before it was super super busy. We got some bargains too! I will take some photos.

In the afternoon we raced back to go to Borjas parents for lunch. Borjas mum was cooking her 'famous' paella, and it was delicious!

We finally met Martina, Borja's sisters bebe. She is about 16 months, walking, making lots of noise and playing with everything! Theo got pretty tired after our shopping trip, so he had a nice nap at the house.

Later we decided, probably even more stupidly to do a bit more shopping, well the boys wanted to look for some things. We went, really stupidly, into the centre, which on a Saturday with the sales and it being  summer, was horribly horribly packed. By the end we were all worn out and totally shopped out too. Poor little Theo had to endure this all day, and was grizzly and very tired.

So that has been our last few days, and that's why I haven't really had chance to post! Today we are just going to do NOTHING, have a big breakfast and perhaps go to the beach near here this afternoon. All very queit and relaxing, something we all need!


  1. Theo looks super cool on the beach! And the paella, RIQUISIMO! Keep the updates coming when you can :)


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