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Well firstly here are a few pictures from Thursday night when Rob and I had a date night. We went for pizza at a really nice bar on the rambla then walked down to the seafront. My sister babysat for a few hours, and it was really nice to be out alone and to be able to enjoy a whole dinner without being interrupted! But I will do a separate post on this later, and go into more detail!

This weekend has been really lovely. Since Borja was off work at the weekend we decided to drive outside of the city and see some more of Spain. On Saturday we visited the beach, on the Costa Brava coast. I know what you are thinking, Costa Brava full of sunburnt tourist's and English bars, but no, we found this perfect little secret cove, with only local houses right on the beach. It was glorious! The weather was great, and it was a pebble beach (you know I hate sand!) and the water was clear and clean and refreshing! There were other people on the beach from time to time, but they were all local and had their houses which they went into or onto the terraces for lunch, so it was great to have so much space and not feel over looked...We spent the day eating sandwiches, paddling, napping, sunbathing and going for really was the most perfect beach day.

In the evening we came home all sunkissed (well burnt) and tired, and ate a very welcome chilli made by Rob. Theo had his second taste of food, avocado, one of my personal favourites! I will do a post with more pictures tomorrow...

Today we slept in a bit late, and I apparently got out of the wrong side of the bed today, as it was not such a good day for me. We went to Girona, which is about an hour and a half drive away from here. Theo screamed pretty much the whole way. When Theo cries and there is nothing I can do for him it stresses me out so much. It zaps my energy and makes me one very unhappy, feeling like I've failed, grumpbag mumma. I tried to enjoy Girona as much as possible, because it is really beautiful. It was really quiet and peaceful, and lovely to just walk around the small old streets, but even this didn't seem to lift my mood. As I said I've found it pretty hard being on holiday with Theo. Two weeks is a long time, and it's really hot here and this has changed Theo's patterns and moods. It's hard sometimes to not being in your own space, your comfort zone, where you feel you can manage things just that little bit better. I feel I need a holiday from this holiday!

But anyway, enough of my moaning! We went to this beautiful cafe and had Roquefort burgers which were delicious. Theo eventually feel asleep and we went for a walk around the town.

Griona is lovely. It feels a lot less claustrophobic than Barcelona, and more peaceful. It is greener too and feels more airy! I miss the green a lot! I do feel a little bit homesick, I miss our flat, I miss Alma, I miss the green parks and streets, I miss the cooler weather and the quiet nights. I have really enjoyed my holiday, but I will enjoy coming home.

So a few more posts to come! Hope everyone is well!


  1. Two weeks away with a baby, wow. You are so brave. I love Barcelona and I wish I could be there. Not quite brave enough just yet to go with the baby but maybe soon. Such lovely photos. You used to live there? I'm so envious.

  2. @Joanna thanks! My sister lives in Barcelona, we were visiting her! Two weeks away with a five and a half month old was hard! I would recommend only going for a week for your first holiday! Also it was so hot! It changed his routine completely, made him nap more which is good, but also got more wingey because he was tired. I think in hindsight we would have gone for less time and perhaps somewhere a little more local! Bcn isn't that easy to get around with a baby, especially the metro. But I found flying fine!


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