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Before I started this blog, well before I became pregnant in fact, I had no interest in babies at all. Not that I hated babies, just they didn't really come into my life that much, and I knew nothing about the extensive world that exists surrounding them.

Now since writing the blog (and having Theo obvs) and using apps such as instagram and twitter, my life is full of babies! I read about and see pictures of other peoples babies everyday. I'm learning all the time about different gadgets and equipment, the pros and cons of varying parenting methods and the different stages babies go through etc's a fascinating world that I would have never known about unless I'd had a baby. And to be honest it consumes most of my time! Well time away from the baby and Rob!

So the purpose of this post is to share some of the blogs I regularly read and find helpful and inspiring!

Firstly there are the blogs that I have the guts to comment on and the ladies that I speak to:

The lovely Janet's blog...I started reading this when I was pregnant,  as Janet was about a month ahead of me. Hers was the first blog I read where I felt lots of similarities to my own situation, and that really helped! Since then she has helped me feel a lot more confident about my parenting skills, and constantly provides me with helpful information and tips!

Next is Fritha's, who is just going through her pregnancy journey in blog land! I have had the pleasure of meeting with this lovely lady in person, and was really good to meet and talk about baby things, as again our viewpoints and situations are quite similar!

Next is the squeaky baby blog, who has also always offered kind words of help!

Then there is Pheobe's blog..who has a sweet little boy with the same name!

Also a new blog to me is ephemeraldigest a Bristol mumma who I hope to meet with sometime soon!

So that's all for the people I actually speak to. I need to get better at commenting on blogs, but somehow American blogs scare me! I find it easier to comment on English blogs...that's strange right? But I follow a lot of lovely ladies on instagram and comment on there, so here are a few of them!

If anyone else has any favourite blogs to follow then please share! Hope I haven't missed anyone!

There are many other blogs that I follow that aren't baby related that are also really inspiring and interesting. Perhaps I should do another post featuring those!

EDIT just added a few more i remembered!


  1. Hi! :) Would be lovely to meet up with you and thanks for including my blog. I can certainly relate to all of a sudden having a brand new interest in babies and blogs. My little one is five months old tomorrow and I have a house full of toys and a whole host of new interests. Amazing xx


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