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Yesterday we tried Theo with a little bit of food for the first time.

I am going to try baby led weaning, so I know it's a little bit early, as it says you should wait until he is 6 months, but that is only a few weeks away now (eeeeeeeek!) and he has been really interested in food since we got here, trying to grab and watching food all the time. He's sitting up quite well in his snug which has a little tray so we thought we'd give it a go!

First we gave him chunks of banana that he could hold on to, which he did and sort of sucked on and tried to chew a little! He played with it and mushed it up with his hands. After this we made it even more mushy and we gave him little bits off our fingers, which he took in his mouth but it then made him gag...I'm not sure if he actually ate some, but it was fun to experiment and play and have little tastes...

So here are some photos!

We also gave him some watermelon in a muslin for him to suck the juice out of, and he really loved it! It must be so weird for them to suddenly discover all these new tastes!

Banana everywhere!

Sorry most of the photos are pretty similar, but they are just too sweet!

Here is a little videos too (yes yes, we got a bit obsessed!)

Then we had to have a clean up! Banana everywhere!

So there you go! A success I think, he probably didn't really eat that much, but it was fun and seemed to enjoy it and be happy. Other than a few gagging moments, which I think is fairly normal it was fine!

So maybe we will try a few more times when we're here, or wait until we get home!


  1. Can you ask Theo where he gets his hair done? I'm loving his shade of blonde...


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