A catch up, a look back

So yesterday was my blogs first birthday. In a few days it will be a year since we met the little baby for the first time at the scan. A year?!

That was the day when it all became more real. There was something there, a heartbeat and a swirling kicking little creature swimming around inside my belly. Today that creature is lying next to me on the bed, napping away. He is rapidly approaching 6 months, half a year of true outside human existence...what madness! He has grown so so much. I looked back over photos of the first few weeks of his life today, and I can't really believe how quickly it has gone. I'd forgotten some of the things he used to do, like sleep on my chest, and make little fake sneeze noises instead of actually sneezing. His movements were slower and his eyes half open. Soon I will probably forget the things he is doing now, like slapping his arms about, smacking his lips together and sucking his toes...it all goes so quickly!

I can't believe a year ago I was starting this journey. I had all of these unknown experiences ahead of me, and had no idea how Theo would turn out. I didn't even know if Theo was a he, or what he would look like...I just can't believe in that time I grew a beautiful baby, who is perfect in everyway!

Sorry for the soppyness, but some days it gets all a bit overwhelming that such a lot has happened in such a short space of time. I really can not believe where I am today, and how happy I could be. I'm glad that we can't see into the future, because it would ruin the surprise of all the amazing and unexpected things that come your way. I really am very thankful for all that has happened. It hasn't been an easy year, we've worked horribly hard and I've been exhausted for most of it, but I wouldn't change any of it. Not living with my mum, not moving to Bristol, not moving flats and especially not having Theo, it's all perfect and meant to be. And I'm thankful for all the help and support we've received from dear family and friends (old and new!)

Anyway, that's enough of that babbling wetness...time for some updates!

So I sort of didn't finish the end of our holiday did I? The end was good, but very tiring. I think 2 weeks away in a big city, in the heat was too much for us. It was all very over whelming. But I had a nice time, but perhaps next holiday we will spend a week by a pool somewhere!

We went adventuring to a science museum high up in the hills of Barcelona, which was great as I had never seen that part before and it was amazing! We then walked around Gracia and looked at nice baby shops, which were open for once! (every time we go to Gracia we seem to go at the wrong times, when everything is closed!)Theo got bought a lovely new toy from his aunty: Pirate bill!

science museum

The next day was our last full day. We went for a wander around El Borne for a few hours and had epically big burgers...followed by milkshakes! In the afternoon we met with Borjas mum again, who wanted to see Theo...she loves babies!

Soon enough it was Wednesday evening, and time to leave for the airport! I was glad to be going home away from the noise and the heat, but sad to leave my sister. We don't see each other enough, and it is always quite intense, trying to do everything and spend time with each other in such a condensed period of time...trying to convince her to move back to England! I would love to have my sister live in the same city as me, well both my sisters, to see all the time and go and do nice things with.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes, and waited for our plane. Pirate Bill entertained Theo quite well...

Theo was so good on the plane. He charmed a few ladies, then just before take off he fed, then slept for the whole flight, then fed again as we landed. Perfect! He was fine on the way home too, even though it was gone one when we arrived home! It was so lovely to get home to our little flat. It felt all homely and cosy and ours. I had such a good nights sleep in my own bed, under my duvet all snuggled up!

The next day we rushed around doing errands and food shopping, busy busy busy. We went to check out this venue for a potential naming day for Theo (more on that to come!), which has beautiful gardens, and Theo decided he could sit up un-aided for a good couple of minutes! It was great to see!

What a sweet clever boy! Since then it's been back to business with meeting up with my friends and catching up, and spending the weekend mostly alone, staying inside avoiding the rain. But it's been relaxing!

I tried Theo with some puree the other day as we had some in the house that my mum got me. I thought it wouldn't hurt just to try a little bit, and Theo seemed to enjoy it. He grabbed hold of the spoon and fed himself with it! Probably more to chew on the spoon, but it guess it's better than nothing! It seemed to go down a bit better than the other foods, and no gagging, which I guessed would happen as there are no lumps. I think its good to experiment with different textures and tastes anyway, and he still played with it and got very messy, and i didn't force him to eat it, he was grabbing for it himself!

Anyway, so it's been an exciting, fun, tiring couple of weeks, but I'm glad to be home and back to our usual routine!

wowzers this is a long post! Thanks Theo for napping through the whole thing! I like this new napping a lot...


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