We made it!

hello! Here we are in sunny sunny Spain!

All went well with the flight, Theo fed and slept for the most of the flight and didn´t scream too much, which was good. Flying with a baby is pretty good, you get to go on first and we had a row all to ourselves. I was a little bit worried about flying, as you never know how it´s going to effect them, but he didn´t seem too bothered by the air pressure. Luckily it´s only a short flight.

We met with my sister, and she got very over excited to see Theo, and picked him up and spun him around, and since he had eaten quite a lot during the flight, he was sick all over her! It was pretty funny...

This morning we went out for a little walk around the area where my sister lives, Poble Nou. We had a little picnic in the park and went to sit by the beach. It was good on the first day just to have a quiet day, as I was so tired from yesterday! It´s so noisy here when sleeping, compared to our flat at home, so it took some getting used to, also its so hot at night!

So far it´s been good with Theo, he has been pretty sleepy which I expect is from the heat. I think I will try to give him some water whilst we are here too.

I´m looking forward to having two whole weeks with people around all the time to be with Theo, a mental holiday for me!

We´ve got a few things planned but mostly I think we will be relaxing...I will try and update even just with pictures everyday.

This afternoon after I had a nap (a nap! lucky me!) we went for a little walk along the rambla in Poble Nou for a little drink and then to a park. It´s been a really nice day, just with Rob and Theo.

So that´s all!


  1. So glad Theo did well on the flight! Make the most of him napping! You look pretty and all summery :)


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