to the left, to the left...

We watched Beyonce at Glastonbury last night. It was epic. For the first time in years I was really gutted that I wasn't at Glastonbury, and all for Beyonce? Surey not?

But I would have wanted to go for many other reasons and fills me with nostalgia for my teenage days! I have had so many good times at Glastonbury and seen so many amazing bands that it's hard for it not to lure me back in. I would really love to go back, after the year off obvs, but going with Theo, and doing all the family entertainment too. It's very weird to imagine him being able to walk then, and talk and be a proper little person!

but for next year hopefully we will all return to Greenman! It's such a shame not to be going this year. It's the time where I know I will have an uninterrupted weekend with my best friends, having fun and listening to awesome music. Hopefully we will all be able to meet up at some point this summer! Fingers crossed! 


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