My fun day

So usually on Saturdays I'm a big moping mess, as I'm horribly bored and feel uninspired to do anything as Rob is at work and everyone else is busy. I usually go walk round a shopping centre or something...haha what rubbish!

But today I decided I didn't want to just either sit around the house feeling bored or go wander around some place aimlessly. In the morning, after Theo's nap (yep Theo's nap, in the day, in the house, you heard it!) I went to a baby sale, and bought some toys and a  few clothes before heading out of Bristol to the Noah's ark zoo. Rob's mum gave me a coupon for free entry, so I thought it might be nice to go.

It was really good to drive out of the city and be in the countryside again. The site is really nice, really big and with good views. I slowly made my way round and was really impressed with the open spaces and the pens. First I went to 'Africa' and saw my favourite animals, Giraffes!

Then I went to see the big cats! I faced Theo foreward in his pram, but he is still too young really to take notice, but it was fun to pretend I was there for Theo, not for myself!

The cats enclosure was really big, which was nice to see, with tons of things to climb on and play with. I saw the feeding time, where they fed them with bit of meat on the end of a stick through the fence. I know that's probably the best way to do it, but it felt sort of wrong that they couldn't get their food in a more imaginative way, to at least imitate a little bit what it's like in the wild, but I suppose they have never been wild...

Anyway, it was still pretty good. I walked around the rest of the big animals and really enjoyed it!

I stopped for lunch in the cafe, with a cheese roll and a can of coke. Lovely.

My phone ran out of battery for the rest of it, but that's probably lucky otherwise I would have gone photo mad! But the rest was really good too. There was more of a farm section where you could pet and feed the animals, with donkeys, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, porcupines!? I spent loads of time there.

There were lots of families there, but even though it was Saturday it wasn't too busy, and it didn't feel packed at all. A month or so ago I went to Bristol Zoo, it was a special day, where we got in for cheap with the babies, but even so I wasn't that impressed. It was pretty cramped and really busy, and I felt pretty claustrophobic walking around. You sort of had to push a little to see the animals, and there weren't that many animals there anyway! At this zoo there was so much room for kids to run around, with big adventure playgrounds and a big maze. I could really imagine coming here as Theo gets older and him running around and really enjoying it. I was comparing it to Bristol Zoo because usually it costs about £14 for an adult, which I think is pretty expensive for what it is. They didn't have half the animals they did here, or no chance to hold or feed some of them. I really like the mix of zoo and farm.

Anyway, that was my day! I really enjoyed it, and didn't really feel bad about being by myself all day!

I think I tired Theo out!


  1. Is that some thumb sucking I see??? Good boy!

  2. @gracie it is indeed! he doesn't suck it properly, just every so often, but it's a start at least! how was america, how is everything_ would love to catch up, think i will be in walden at the end of july if you are around we could see eachother! xx


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