The perfect sunday x 2

Just a quick post about my day hasn't been too eventful, but has been lovely.

For the past week Theo has been really unsettled at night, a result of a little cold and possibly a growth spurt, but he has been waking lots more than usual and not going back to sleep, which for me means not much sleep at all! I was reminded of what it was like when he was a newborn...But last night he slept really well again, only waking once, and then going straight back down again after his feed. He then woke up again at 7 in the morning and was all smiley and chatty. Rob had the day off today (at last!) so he got up with him at 8 and took him into the living room and played and read to him, which means I could have a lie in! Yes a lie in, the first for a very very long time, probably since he was born. Rob then put on the new Beastie boys album and danced around with Theo on his shoulder, who eventually fell asleep. He then managed to put him in his crib where he slept for quit a while. This is the first time Theo has gone down for a nap in the day, which was amazing.

So a good morning altogether. We managed to do housework and went out food shopping, which Theo slept through also! It's just been a nice relaxing day, and we ate nice food, and spent some good quality time together. Theo has also been in a really good mood all day which makes it a lot easier...I wish Rob was off all the time!

It's really sweet because you can see that he is really starting to know our faces, and reacts with so many smiles whenever he sees us. Every time Rob walks into the room Theo starts beaming at's really lovely!

That's all for now, I just wish more days were like this! I have a nice week planned, seeing friends, and then my mum is coming for the weekend to help us move! Can't believe we only have a week left in this flat, that makes me sad.


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