hello, so after my mini paranoia last week I feel a little bit better! After some very helpful comments and advice (thanks again!) and talking to friends and family I feel a lot more confident in what we are doing.

Since Theo has been born I guess we have just gone with our instincts on how we should care for him, which is I guess what they are there for! Because really that is a pretty good thing to go by, it's what is in built in us, and what comes most naturally. I have realised that every baby and parent are completely different, so how can one method be right? Since I have started to relax, things  have become a bit easier. I think since I'm not so stressed about Theo's bedtime, and not 'making' him go to sleep when I think he should, but rather when he is ready, means that bedtime is a bit better. The last few nights he has even fed, but not til he is asleep, then after a bit of wriggling and chattering has fallen asleep by himself, which for me is a major improvement!

We had a little bit of a worry on Sunday though. He wasn't feeding properly at all, all day, and definitely didn't eat nearly enough. His poo's (sorry!) also changed and had been a bit runny in the mornings for a few days. He also was more grizzly and moaning than usual, so when Rob got home from work, I rang up NHS direct to get some information. I then got put through to a nurse, who then wanted us to go and see the out of hours GP. I was becoming quite quietly worried, but didn't really want to get upset before we knew what the problem was. So at 9pm we were sitting in the hospital waiting to be seen. Not the ideal way to spend a Sunday evening.

I knew that we were doing the right thing by taking him just to check him out, and he still seemed to be himself most of the time that I wasn't super worried, but at the same time it isn't nice to think that there might be something wrong, however serious or menial. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him, and put it down to perhaps just an off day, or a start of a cold. The next day he fed ok, and has been fine since, with no sign of a cold, so hopefully he was just having a bad day of teething.

The teething is still going strong, hopefully we will see some little teeth soon! He has been really flushed in the cheeks these last two days again, and going manic over putting things in his mouth. Everything he touches is covered in dribble...lovely!

We had a nice day on Saturday, and spent the morning lazing in bed, as Rob had the day off. We then headed into town to Stokes Croft festival, which was good, but by the end was so stupidly busy, that we just got tired out and went home. But it was good to be around lots of people, but mainly nice just to be out with Rob on the weekend. I wish he had more Saturdays off! There were tons of babies and families about, and it felt really nice to be one of those families, and part of that club! 

Anyway the sleeping has been going a bit better, with naps in the day! Albeit in the most random places and positions... and he is his happy smiling self all the time too. Oh yeh almost forgot, he rolled over properly from his back to belly the other day! He looked so proud of himself! Also he has learnt to stand properly, with support obvs, but he locks his legs and is pretty steady! How very exciting, but scary at how fast he is growing up...

So that's about all for now! Adios...


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