So we did it, we moved! And actually managed to get the internet sorted really quickly, unlike last time when we were without it for about a month.

This week has flown by, because we have been busy busy busy! On Monday we moved flats. We moved 4 doors down the road to the bigger, brighter, bathroomed, second bedroomed and gardened flat. Our last day didn't really seem like our last day at all, as my Mum and Andy came down to help us pack. It took all day to sort and clean everything, and I couldn't have done it without their help! It's a bit shameful how dusty and dirty our flat was when we started moving everything about, but since the arrival of the bebe there has been little time to do a deep spring clean, so we only ever manage to do the basics. Which is why I am glad we have moved when we did, we had a proper chance to sort things out, and throw useless crap that we had been hoarding away.

On Sunday night I went out for a few drinks with my old work friends. Luckily Theo went down at 8.30 and stayed asleep the whole time until I got home, which was great. I will do another post about the work situation soon, because there is too much to go into now, but it was nice but sad at the same time to go for drinks, because it has all changed where I used to work, and most people have left or are leaving. I still have my job there, but now I'm not to sure whether I want to go back or not.

Anyway, so Monday finally rolled around and we had so much to do! Rob's grandparents and mum came over to help us move and to take care of Theo whilst I was busy moving, which was such a great help too. Andy and my Mum were here too so we had a lot of help and managed to move quite efficiently. Rob's friend from work also came over to help. I think we started about 11 and had moved everything by 3, which is pretty good going. There were stops for sandwiches, feeding the bebe and tea. It felt a lot better to get everything in the flat, and as soon as we were in it started to feel like home. I do miss the old flat a bit, but it was time to go! Here at least we know we can stay for at least a year, whereas in the old flat we always knew we would have to move soon, so we weren't as settled I guess.

Things have moved pretty fast in the last year! I can't believe we are in our second flat as a couple, and now as a family! I think Rob and I must have set the tone for how things were going to go when we got pregnant...hah! But now that Rob is in a better job and we have moved to somewhere we can stay for a good while, things will hopefully be a bit smoother and steadier. It's going to be good to have some stability in our lives. The only thing I need to sort out now is me going back to work and potentially putting Theo into nursery.

So here are some photos of the new flat:

I will take some more soon! But it already feels pretty cosy and homely!

So in dear Theo related news, he is still going through teething by the looks of things, and his gums have gotten really hard. He is properly chomping down on my fingers. This evening I was giving him a bath and he did a real proper little giggle for me. Everytime I think he laughs the next time he does it, it is even more of a laugh, so that the last one didn't seem real. But they are definitely coming out and getting better! Hooray!


This week was a little bit tough as we had a few comments of facebook about our financial situation, and what we spend our money on. I'm not going to discuss much of our situation on here, because it is private, and should be kept private. But all I will say is, like I said before, since Rob has this new job, that is stable and the hours he is working are regular, we have a much better understanding of where we stand with money each month, and what we can and can't afford. Since Theo has been born we have been claiming working tax credits and child tax credits, because we are on a lower income, but both still technically working. Anyone with a child can claim child tax credits, if your income is low enough, for a bit of extra help. We can claim working tax credits because we have both been working, but still didn't earn that much. This also means that I have to go back to work as soon as my maternity leave is up. We are claiming these things from the government because of our unexpected changes in circumstances after University, ie, having a baby. Hopefully soon we will be able to stop claiming and just live off earnings, and start saving, but for now that just isn't an option. So anyway, anything we do buy for ourselves comes out of the money Rob is earning, and the rest of the help we get goes on rent, bills and baby stuff. I don't know why I should even be trying to justify things, but I hate being accused of things when they don't know all the facts, or our situation properly.

Anyway, enough of all that! This week has been a good week! I'm happy, we're happy. Baby is happy.


  1. i don't understand why people would be so uppity about benefits... i take it that's what the comment was? everyones entitled to what they are entitled to! you're not going to be on them for life i really get annoyed anybody would even think it was their right to comment! anyway! the flat looks really cute :) and theo of course! xx

  2. p.s there is a girl i know who seems to think claiming any benefits is a crime.. when i tell her i will try and get housing benefit for a bit when i graduate i think she dies a bit inside.. i really don't understand that attitude. it's not like i've never had a job and never want one. GRRRRRRR


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