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Hello, so today is the last day at me mams..I'm going home today! I'm excited about seeing Rob, and excited for Rob to see Theo.

This week has flown by, I'm not really sure what we have done. Most of the time my mother and I have been entertained by Theo. We have spent probably hours just watching him and talking to him, as he is starting to make so many new noises and have little conversations with us! He is also discovered himself in the mirror, and beams away at his reflection. The other morning I spent about 20 minutes sitting in front of it with him on my lap!

Yesterday we went into Lincoln for a look around the shops. We went into Mamas & Papas, which is probably a bad idea because the pram I want is in there. I wish I had done a bit more research when pram buying and looked around a bit more, because even though I do like our pram it is pretty big and bulky and quite heavy actually. I know Theo is just going to get heavier and heavier, and I can see us having to buy another stroller in the future anyway, because this pram is too big and heavy. So after looking at other people's prams and having a look in shops I really like the Sola. Yesterday we tried it out and it is so light and small. I wish we had got it from birth as we could of had the carrycot, which would have been so lovely for Theo. But anyway, the main reason I really like it, is that the pushchair bit can lie flat or sit up, and face you or outwards. It would be perfect for now, and for later when we needed something light and small we can still use the Sola.

I don't know whether I'm crazy for wanting another pram or not, but I just think about it every time I'm out with the pram we have at the moment. They are quite cheap on ebay, so we'll just have to see what happens. I have to convince Rob too.

Also on my wish list for baby things is the baby cooker. I really want to be able to make all my own food for when it comes to weaning Theo. I think it will be so much easier to make bulk amounts and freeze it too. I can't actually wait to be able to start weaning, it will be so exciting to see him start take an interest in food other than the booby!
So these are on my wish list for le bebe.

It has been so lovely being here at my mums. It's nice that she can take him off and play with him and give him cuddles, also we always talk about how it was for her when she had us and all the things we used to do as babies. I don't think I have ever really talked about that sort of thing with her, and I guess because I was the youngest and never saw her with a baby it was hard to imagine her with us as babies, but now I can see how she must have been with us, which is really lovely!

So what else have we done this week? Oh yes we went to Peterborough or another little shopping trip. First we went to kiddecare and looked at all the toys and accessories. We bought some more washable nappies for when he is a bit bigger, which will hopefully last quite a long time. I do like using the washable nappies, especially if I stay at home most of the day, it's quite good to see how many disposables we save. We also went to my all time favourite shop John Lewis (I'm so middle class!) where we bought a little sweet sunhat and some more vests with dinosaurs on them! Also we went to H&M and bought another little hat...and tried on a few others, and laughed at him, which he wasn't so pleased about...

I really enjoy going out and about, even if it is just to look at shops. If we haven't gone out in the day anywhere we have made sure that we have gone out for a little walk around the village, which has been good.

We also painted his little hands and feet and made prints of them, which was messy to say the least, babies and paint don't mix too well! But it was worth it as the prints are really sweet. Also me made an imprint in clay of his feet and hand, which mumma is going to glaze. I'm glad we finally got round to doing these things as they will be so lovely when he's older and growing so much!

So that's all for now, other than some sweet photos of the bebe...

Also there is one more thing I would like to add to my wishlist, and these are for me:

Now that the weather is getting nicer I would quite like these as my summer sandals thank you...



  1. Maybe you could farm him out for baby modelling then get him to pay for his own pram

  2. Hello there!

    I used to have a regular mooch about your blog a while back but have been away from the blogging world for a while due to life sneaking my time away
    But anyhoo, much belated congrats on your beautiful babe!

    And well done on the excellent name, my son is a Theo too!
    Where did your name-spiration come from?
    Our Theo is named after Dr Seuss, poor chap

    As for prams, make sure you read the reviews over and over!
    I wish I did, we have the Mamas and Papas Herbie in Birdie Play (they had me at the print)
    Literally everything that could go wrong with it has, both aesthetically and more seriously
    I pretty much hate it now!



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