wooah sorry little bloggy I've been enjoying myself out in the sunshine! I can't believe how sunny and warm it has been! Theo and I have been galavanting around Bristol! Luckily I bought Theo a little sunhat when I was at my mums, so he can be out in the sun too...

So on Monday Rob and I went to have a look at the pram I want to get in Mamas and Papas, and luckily he agrees with me that it is a nicer, better and more suited to us, so fingers crossed we can get it soon!

We are moving soon, really soon! It's all happened really quickly, but I'm going to be so glad to have the garden in this lovely weather and for the summer.

Right so on Tuesday I met up with my friend Robyn and we took a picnic to the downs, and stayed there pretty much all day which was lovely. That's pretty much all I have been doing recently, just hanging out in the sun in parks! Such a tough life...! Well it is really lovely to be able to do that, but is still a constant effort all day to be looking after Theo, sometimes it's not as relaxing as it could be!

Speaking of that the other day I went to buy some dummies. I have always thought that I didn't want to buy a dummy, but recently Theo has found it really hard to go to sleep in the day unless I take him out, but sometimes I can't just go out as I'm not ready and things need to be done at home.. etc.. and on Tuesday morning he got himself so wound up and over tired because he wouldn't sleep. I got really really stressed out and thought that it was better for me to have a dummy to use in last resort situations like that, so he can actually sleep and I can not get so stressed about it, because it doesn't help him or me. I haven't had to use it there, but I think just knowing that it is there if I need it is quite a reassuring thought. I did feel awful buying them though, like they were the devil and I was giving in...but we shall see how it goes. I'm just scared of him getting attached to it and not being able to settle without it and having to have it all the time...

Anyway yesterday Rob and I had our first date without Theo. It was our anniversary at the weekend so we wanted to do something nice just the two of us. I went to meet up with my antenatal group in the morning, then got home and Rob's mum came round to babysit. We went out for lunch and sat in the sun before going to the cinema. It was lovely to be out and actually talk about other things than the baby. It was strange to be seen as normal people again, not just as parents! I did miss him though. But the novelty of being able to eat a whole two course meal without being interrupted was amazing!

I'm still in bed writing this, which hardly ever happens, it gone 11 in the morning now! I've got to quickly try and get showered and dressed and get out the house into the glorious weather!  I'm loving Bristol a lot at the moment!

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I will defs try and do another post soon! In the meantime here's a lovely little video of Theo chattering away! In the mornings he is really awake, and loud! He has become so much more vocal in the last week, it's so lovely to see and hear him making different noises...oh I forgot he had his first laugh too the other day! It was amazing! He laughed because I was in the bathroom, having just got out the shower, and Rob was holding Theo and they creeped around the door, I then opened the door to go out and they made me jump, which made Theo jump, then I started laughing and he got all excited and did a little laugh too! I'm so glad it happened when both Rob and I were there! It was so lovely, and funny too that it happened when they were playing a trick on me!

Sorry the for the bad quality it was dark in the bedroom! Also he does a little poo at the end which I thought I would leave that for you all to hear!

Good bye for now!

p.s Theo is 12 weeks today! I actually can't believe it, but I am loving this stage!


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