Hiya, I hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend! I've never taken too much notice of Easter weekend, mainly because I'm not Christian and the whole story doesn't mean much to me. Also it is so mixed up with other traditions of the pagan holiday of fertility, such as the rabbit and the egg, that I would much rather celebrate this time of year for those reasons...seeing as the issue of fertility has been a big one in my life for the past year!

Anyway the weather has been so lovely (again) that it has just been really nice to be out and about (as usual!) Rob was away working on Friday and Saturday, so I had my first ever evening and night completely alone, so I was pretty anxious about it. This wasn't made better by Theo sounding like he had a bit of a cold, with lots of snuffling happening and coughing. So I gave him a little bit of Calpol as he was being pretty unsettled. But how do you know what is really wrong with them? It's really hard...

On friday I went to buy the new pram (one thing to tick off my wish list!) They had one of the patterns I wanted in stock, so I went for that. But I have to say the service at Mama's and Papa's was terrible. I haven't had customer service that bad in a long long while, especially when I'm about to spend quite a lot of money there. They were just completely inattentive, didn't once make eye contact, no one offered me any help, there were enough staff for how many customers there were, but none of them seemed to be able to do things competently, or even notice that there were people there waiting to be served. The girl who served me told me lots of wrong information and just looked put out if she had to do anything...it isn't just me who has had bad service there, other mum's who I spoke to about it said they had the same experience, and wouldn't be going there again...I'm going to try and write to head office and complain..fingers crossed they will give me some sort of compensation!!

Anyway, despite the bad service I love the new pram alot! It is so much easier to push and steer, is lighter and a lot smaller...and is very pretty! I do feel sorry for my old pram though. I have a terrible habit of feeling sorry for inanimate objects, and I feel like I have hurt the old prams feelings, and it's sitting there all rejected and has to watch the new pram being taken out, and thinking 'that used to be me'. It actually makes me feel really sad, poor little thing (well big thing) but still, it didn't do that much wrong, it was just a bit to big for my needs, but it did serve me well for the time we used it, all I hope is that it can go to a new home and be used again. Poor thing...

So anyway the rest of Friday was spent at a BBQ at one of my antenatal ladies house, with about 5 of the other women from the group. I was a bit nervous of going, as I still don't know them all that well, and they all know each other quite a lot, but it was fine. All of their husbands were there too, and as Rob had to work I was by myself. But I had a really nice time, they are all really friendly and welcoming so it wasn't a problem. But I did feel a little funny, and like I am sort of living this charade, as they are all married and in their 30's who own houses and are very middle class, then there is me...but in the end it doesn't matter, as I said, they are all lovely!

On Saturday I went to meet with Robyn for a lovely visit to the park, once again. They have a  little paddling pool there for children, so we took Theo in, well not really in, but just put his legs in the water, which was funny! I really do want to take him swimming soon! The rest of the day was spent round my friend Nicky's house, also a friend from the antenatal group. Sam is 4 weeks older than Theo, and is really sweet! They measure about the same in size though...

It is lovely hanging out with other little babies, and makes it a lot easier to look after them all day if you have someone else doing the same thing too! Sam was showing me his new trick, which is rolling over onto his front! Very sweet and clever. This morning Theo was in his gym thrashing about as usual, at one point I looked down and he had rolled himself onto his side, so it doesn't look like it will be long before he is rolling over too!

So that was Saturday, and Rob returned home in the evening and came round to see Sam, Nicky and Matt.

Yesterday morning was spent in true Sunday style, lazing around in bed eating biscuits and chocolate playing with the bebe.

In the afternoon we then went to Rob's parents for Sunday lunch, and had a nice sit out in the garden. Theo had a tour round the garden and got a feel for the plants!

I am really glad Theo was born when he was because it's been so lovely being able to go out with him and to see him be a lot more observant and interacting with things...also it's nice that I have the energy to go out and do things, instead of being stuck inside like I was in the beginning.

Right so I think that's all for now! Rob has the day off tomorrow, and I would quite like to get out of the city and into the countryside, if the weather is nice! But adios for now.


  1. ooh we have the same print for the sola! I thought this one was a bit more unisex though I did love the girly purple one.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you're living a charade. I feel the same most of the time. I still feel so young, yet have all this grown up stuff going on. The word 'grown up' doesn't seem like it applies to me yet. I know I am a mum, and we planned for it and it's what we wanted, but it seems like I'm playing at it somehow. Like you said, the ladies I meet at the groups and classes are all 30 something middle class wives on career breaks etc etc and I'm just little old 24 year old me, with my baby. I always wonder what they must think of me.


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