The Spring and me

hello! So this weekend has been lovely, well the weather has! Yesterday I abandoned all cleaning jobs that needed to be done in favour of going out for a sunny walk. Rob was at work, so it was just Theo and I.

I walked up Whiteladies Road, where there was a street market going on, and lots of people walking around, enjoying the sunshine. People were lapping up the sun, daring even to go out without coats, yes you heard me, without coats! Us crazy British folk, the first glimpse of sun and we all go mad! (I did take my coat off half way up the road though, but I got hot pushing the pram up the hill) Later on in Sainsburys I swear I heard someone talking about BBQ's...see what I mean!

I went to the Downs to have a walk around there, and had a little picnic whilst Theo slept in his pram. I then walked around a bit, even did a bit of off roading and sat on the grass with a rug and fed Theo alfresco styyylee...It was his first experience of being outside not in his pram, but he didn't seem to appreciate it very much..

So Theo has been getting much better at this sleeping thing, and staying in his moses basket all the time now. I'm so glad that we sorted that out. He's changing so much at the moment and growing so fast! He can pretty much hold his head up by himself now, and has started to make more talking noises...we have pretty good conversations...and of course he is being lovely and smiley!

Ahh he's such a cutey! I don't think I can ever get bored of his face, and just want to squeeze him til he pops sometimes. (don't worry I won't!)

I'm so glad the weather is nicer because it encourages me to go out more, rather than just sitting inside all day watching rubbish tv. Yesterday was really nice just going out and sitting in the sun reading a book, but sometimes I wish I had more people I could ring up and hang out with. Most people I know here are working most of the time, or have babies and its hard to arrange things with, especially do last minute things with..but it's ok, at least I have Theo to hang out with!

When Rob came home for work we were naughty and lazy and treated ourselves to an Indian takeaway, which was really tasty. It was from the same place we had the curry on our first ever night in the flat, ah how things have changed since then!

Right, I'd better go as the beast is finally asleep and there is a huge pile of washing up with my name all over it...


  1. what a lush sounding weekend!

  2. what wonderful pictures you posted of your weekend! i'm so glad i came across your blog :) your family is precious! hope you have a great monday dear! xo


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