Hello so I thought I would post a few photos of the beginnings of Theo's smiles...we usually get them once a day which is nice!

Not much has been happening in the last few days. Theo is still sleeping in the bed with me, but I'm going to try and out him down in the days in his crib so he can get used to sleeping in there, then try it at night.

This morning I went to a 'new parenting' class at the clinic, which is like antenatal classes, expect everyone has their babies. We just had to talk to people about how we manage to do the shopping and cook and shower and things, to share tips and experiences I guess. I enjoyed it and it was good to get out the house for something, and to meet other mums. Also I think it's really good that they run things like this, for free, because it is really helpful and creates a good support network. I've been pretty impressed with the classes that have been available, considering what other people get, or well don't get!


My mum and Andy are coming to Bristol again this weekend, so lucky Theo gets to see his Yaya again, which will be nice! Rob's parents also visited today, which was nice to see them, and for them to see Theo as it's been a while!

Yesterday the health visitor came round to weigh Theo and the little chubster weighs 11lbs 5oz, that's one whole pound in two weeks!

That's all for now, I expect it will be a busy weekend so I may not have time to update until afterwards, so have a nice weekend everyone!


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