Hello! So it's been a few days, but what a wonderful few days it has been! The sun has been shining and I have been getting terribly over-excited by the first few glimpses of Spring arriving, and especially excited by the arrival of the Magnolia blossom!

But don't leave yet, there is more excitement! The other reasons that this week has been a good one is because it finally seems as though things are going our way a little bit.

Firstly Rob has been off work more this week, which has been lovely hanging out with him more, and having a hand with looking after Theo. He has been off of work because he is taking some holiday because he is leaving his current job, and starting a new one on Monday! He got the job last week, for best buy, which is more hours and more money! It was such a relief when we found out, as Rob has been looking for a new job for a while now, as you know. In addition to this Rob's Grandma came to see us and brought us lots of treats, and took as out for lunch, which was lovely. Oh I've already mentioned this haven't I?

Anyways, another reason for the good week is Money, money money!

I applied for working tax credits and child tax credits a few weeks ago, but hadn't heard anything so far, but yesterday I checked my bank balance and they had been put in, and I'll just say that it was a lot, A LOT more than we expected! I think it was probably back-dated from some point, which is amazing...Also on the same day Rob got a letter with a tax rebate in it, which is also amazing! So with some of this money I went over to the dark-side, and bought an iphone...I wanted one mainly so I could take photos with it, and use the apps to make them look a bit better. In an ideal world I would still love to be able to use film, as I think it looks a lot better, but it's so expensive now a days, that this is just a bit easier! But it's been fun today, I've taken lots of our travels...

Right, so the final reason for things being good is that we are getting there with the routine thing. Last night Theo slept for 5 hours straight, woke up for a feed and a nappy change, then went back to sleep for 3 more hours...and AND this was him sleeping in the moses basket! Also he slept in the day in his moses basket, which was great! So hopefully we can start trying to put him down at the same times every day, and get him into a sleep routine like that, but its still early days! But I'm pleased on the progress we've made, and at least he is in his own bed!

So that's about all for now! I'm sure I'll be back soon as the blogging and feeding thing is working well! Oh yeh I started using my twitter again @myworriedshoes if anyone wants to follow me! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather, and has a nice weekend!


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