The day we discovered bouncing

Hello! So finally FINALLY we get to go home today, not sure when but defs today! Wooooohoooo!

Theo is doing fine, getting to be a little chub chub in the face! He's one week Old today, can you believe it!? He's already getting bigger and I don't want him too! He's still ridiculously cute though!

He's been pretty good too at the moment, if he starts crying we have found that he really likes bouncing and jumping up and down! Last night I lay him on my legs and jiggled and bounced him til he calmed down and slept. Rob was also swinging and dancing around with him and he loved it! Funny little worm!

Speaking of rob, he's been great! Things seem to work well between us and together we are a pretty good team of looking after the bebe!

Hopefully I'll get time to post photos tomorrow, I'm trying to take photos everyday!



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