I hope everyone had a good new years, and is looking forward to the year ahead! I am!

But at the moment I feel pretty rubbish and ready for this pregnancy to be over! I feel like Violet Beauregarde, as everything has swollen up and I'm just so huge, I need to be popped!

My hands have swollen up, my knees are starting to really hurt, as are my hips that are softening, my back hurts if I walk anywhere, I keep on getting stitch like pains all over my belly when I walk for long(ish) periods of time and I'm starting to get more Braxton Hicks with my stomach cramping and tightening for a short period of time! Come on baby, come out!


My cousin visited me on Sunday, which was really nice. We have been saying for probably years that we should try and meet up more than just once a year at Christmas, or family funerals. So she drove over to Bristol to see me and my sister. It was lovely, we went for a milkshake and shopping in habitat, then had dinner and played on the Wii. My sister, who has been staying for a week and a half went home that night, which was sad. Grace stayed over and the next morning, yesterday, we went into town to have a look in some shops.

Looking at all these nice clothes, that fit normal body shapes made me want to have my normal body back more than ever! I'm excited to be able to walk normally, sleep normally and get up off of the sofa properly.


Last night I had really weird baby dreams. I dreamt about having the baby, and it was a little boy, but then it turned into a kitten. I also dreamt about breast feeding the baby, and changing it's nappy, and being at a festival with a little toddler and Rob. It felt really real (apart from the kitten bit) and I felt a lot of love for the child, which was sometimes a girl aswell.

I am so excited to meet this child, who will be mine. Who will have part of me and part of Rob, and will grow up and develop into it's own person. How amazing! So nearly there!


Rob and I are having a date night tonight, we're going to go out for some food, and then tomorrow go to the cinema. I'm excited about this, as it feels like it's been so long since Rob and I have done anything just the two of us, and this will be the last few chances to do that....without having to organise babysitters and things like that. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Scary.

So I'm very nearly 38 are so pictures of the beast:


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