Day three

MY GOD, come out baby come out!

I'm fed up, and also a little offended, why does the baby not want to come out and meet us? I don't believe that we will ever actually have the baby, and I will stay pregnant and fat for ever. After all the excitement of the other day nothing has happened. I keep hoping that I wake up in the night and things are starting, but no, another eventless night has just occurred ( I know that when /if the baby EVER comes I will be glad of these few extra nights) I really really did not want to go over very much, and by the feel of things, he's going to be in there for about another 2 and a half years...

I've done my job well, I've carried him for the time I was supposed to, didn't have any Stilton over Christmas...and the baby can't even do the one thing he's supposed to do...bloody come out!

(I feel bad, dear little baby, it's not your fault, I just want you out already)

But actually I keep on having realisations that very very soon we will actually have a baby, and that it's going to be very very different. But I feel ready for the change now (I think) but I'm still scared, very very scared.

Right I'm going to plan a massive day of action and adventures, so that when I'm being busy and not thinking about the baby coming out, he can start to come and ruin all of our plans. I'm tired of sitting around waiting for him.


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