Baby blues

Hi! Still in hospital, lucky us!

We found out yesterday that even though Theo's infection has gone down a bit, it's still there so he needs the full five days of antibiotics. That means that hopefully we'll be out on Thursday morning. Luckily I got moved to my own room yesterday, which is so so much better. Yesterday there was a horrid women in the bed next to me. She just kept on complaining about everything. She also went out for a ciggarette and then complained that her chest hurt. She went out for a smoke a day after giving birth. She said that she was going to give up because it hurt her chest, glad to see that she would give up off her lungs but not her baby when she was pregnant. It made me feel sick and sorry for the baby.

Anyway enough about that before I get really annoyed again. I've had lots of visitors mainly from my family. My sister came over from Spain and is going home tomorrow, I'm a bit gutted that I wasn't at home to spend more time with everyone.nitmmakesmme so sad that the people I war to be in Theo's life are so far away. We've been trying to make the most
Of the visiting time, but it's been hard to juggle everyone so they can all get enough time with the baby, but it never seems enough time with the people I really want to be there.

So everything has been going pretty well with Theo. He's a very happy relaxed baby. But last night was hard, I think it's because my milk has come in now so feeding is different so last night he got all wound up and I tired everything I could to calm him. It's hard when you're the only one there to calm him, and because he can smell my milk it winds him up even more. In the end I had to get the nurses to take him away for a little bit to calm him. That's one good thing about being in hospital still, there's always people to help. But I got really upset and thought I had failed. The nurse reminded me that it's my hormones flaring up, as usually happens when your milk comes in.

Things are better today though, we'll just have to seemhow tonight goes!

Still can't Penang pictures up, but he's so cute!


  1. Just wanted to say MASSIVE congrats on having the lil guy! Dont think I've managed to pop on since you did. Sounds like your not having much fun! My son had an infection when he was born due to my waters partially breaking 3 weeks earlier and him being exposed to infection, its not fun but try and relax while your in, when you get home you'll wanna get loads done I can guarantee! :)


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