So this evening we went to our friend's house to meet their two week old baby boy, Sam. We met them at our ante-natal class, and chatted to them a bit there, but have never seen them outside of that, other than when we bumped into them in Sainsburys. The baby was asleep and stayed pretty much asleep the whole time we were there. He was very sweet, and both Rob and I held him whilst he made funny sleep faces and little baby squeaks. We chatted about labour and baby related stuff, but also about work and other non-baby related stuff, which was good. As it turns out Rob has a job interview tomorrow at the place where Matt works, and he will probably be interviewing him! Which is pretty good, so fingers crossed it all goes well, I'll say more about it another time, just want to wait and see what happens first.

So even though we only saw a little bit of their lives with the baby, it all seemed ok, manageable definitely. This is after yesterday when I had a bit of freak out after I went to see my other friend's baby. He was sweet too, but the whole time I was there he was having to be fed, and was being quite grizzly. Of course every baby is different, and they all go through different stages, but from the sounds of it, it seems as though it's been pretty difficult for her. I'm sure that it's not all the time, and that perhaps I just caught a bad moment, and that is what babies are like anyway, but I just got worried again about how I was going to cope, and got scared about devoting pretty much every waking second to the baby.

I know that it will be different when it's your own baby, but I was really nervous to hold him. He was still really small at 4 weeks old, and felt very fragile! I got a go at changing his nappy, and he kept on doing loud farts which was funny! I've never changed a nappy before and my hands were shaking! Getting him dressed was tricky too because I didn't want to hurt was strange!

I'm sure I'll get used to it all soon enough, but at least tonight soothed me a little bit, and made me really excited again!


Rob finishes work this Friday, and will be on holiday for potentially 5 weeks, depending on what happens with the interview. We are going to make the most of our last weekend and drive down to stay with his Grandparents in Devon for the weekend. I've has really itchy feet recently and want to go on one last adventure with Rob. Then the baby can come after that, you hear me baby, any time next week would be fine!

So as of tomorrow only 7 days to go! BLIMEY!


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