So today I have no plans, which feels good actually. I'm sure I'll get bored soon enough though. But for now I've come up with a few ways to amuse myself.

One is packing my hospital bag, so far I have only got nappies and wet wipes packed, as well as maternity and breast pads, but the rest can be added later. I took on the mammoth task of sorting through all of the clothes we had. I made them into piles of age, and we have so many 0-3 months size! I'm sure we are not even going to touch half of them! I have started to wash the newborn clothes too, so everything is clean and ready. I know perhaps it's a bit early to have my hospital bag sorted, but I want to be prepared, and I have the time now to do all of these things, so why not!

I have been on skype most of the day with my family, which has been really nice! I'm getting excited about Christmas a lot as well today, a feel all cosy and warm inside me flat. My dad is hopefully coming to visit this weekend, and my mum hopefully on Tuesday, then followed by my sister. I'm sad that I won't be able to see my other dear sister, Sarie, but hopefully soon!

Anyway that's all for now!


  1. I don't know if they said anything at your parentcraft classes (if you did them) but most hospitals are against wet wipes on newborns and want you to use cotton wool and water. Of course, they can't actually stop you, but cotton wool is better for new bums anyway :)

  2. thanks for the advice, i shall leave out the wetwipes, unless I need them for myself!

    Have you packed your bag yet? do you have any other advice as to things I should defo have?

    I've been trying to keep up to date with your blog, your so close now! exciting!!


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