I'm back!

Hooraaaaay! We have the internet in our flat now!

So! Where to start!?

This week has been good so far, Rob had two days off in a row so we spent lots of time together which was really nice! I also spent a nice day on Monday chatting in a cafe with the girl I met at yoga, but had not seen for a month or two! I also had a visit from a friend from uni, who came to visit our cosy flay yesterday, which was really nice!

Some not so good news though is that last night I got a phone call from the benefit people saying that we were not eligible for any housing benefit at the moment? Which I don't understand, because of going on the advice of people at the citizens advice, plus filling out a online benefit calculator, on the Bristol City Council website, and giving them the exact same information that I did when I made the claim, and the results saying that we would be eligible for some money before the baby is born? So I don't really understand how that can say one thing, and then when we actually apply, it is a different case. I think that when the baby is born we will be able to get something, and because I have stopped work now. I will have to make a new claim now stating that I have finished work. ARRRGG, it's just annoying because based on the information I was given and what I researched I thought we would be able to get some help towards rent, which made moving possible, but now things are going to be really really tough, and I'm not even sure if we will be able to fully cover everything. Hopefully the baby will come early then we will be able to get some more money!!


But speaking of the baby, I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday, and everything seems to be ok. My bump is measuring a little bit bigger than average apparently, which I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing...Also the midwife had a feel of my stomach to find out where the baby is lying. At first she couldn't feel the head, only its back, so either he was breech or his head is already well into my pelvis. She couldn't feel the head at the top so he's probably got his head quite far down, we then listened to the heartbeat and it was in the right place for him to be lying that way. I'm not sure what that means, but the midwife said that he would probably not flip round the other way if he is already in that position, but I'm just not sure whether that means he may come early? It probably doesn't but that is something I have been worrying about recently. I don't think it will be a problem if he did come early, as I want to meet him a lot now. But what with Christmas coming up and going to see family in different places, I'm a little bit worried about leaving Bristol and being away from Rob, incase anything did happen early. I'm 34 weeks at today, which means only 6 weeks until he is supposed to be here. 6 weeks is no time at all, and I'm getting really really excited. Today I had some really nice thoughts about him being here, and imagining Rob and myself with the baby, and it made me feel really really happy.


I have sort of finished work now, only working two short shifts this weekend. I'm going to miss going to work actually, as I really enjoy it, and all the people I work with. It has been my main source of socialising since being in Bristol! I can't wait for them all to meet the baby, and also I can't wait to be myself again, and not just the pregnant version of myself that they all know, and only know.

Who knows when I will finally return to work, it's hard to imagine being off for a long time!


Anyway seeing as my blog has been seriously lacking in pictures as well as posting I thought I would post some!

A few months ago, well maybe a month and a half ago my sister, Vic, sent me a present. This present was a moulding kit for my belly. Rob and I finally got round to making it, in our new flat. Here are the results...(I feel a little bit weird about posting these, as it basically shows what I look like naked, but oh well...)

So there you are! I'm not sure what we are going to do with it at the moment, because you can paint it and draw on it! It's going to weird when I'm not pregnant anymore, and putting it on and remembering what I used to be like!

I think we did the cast a few weeks ago now, so it was probably around 32 weeks. I imagine I've got bigger since then, so I will have to take some more belly photos.

As for some other photos these are also from a few weeks ago, from when Rob and I went on a lovely walk on the downs in Bristol.

That's all for now, but be sure I will be back soon! PROMS!


  1. Hi Abbi I was fearful about your benefit and that may happen, I hope you have enough reserve to handle this.
    BTW, seen you naked many times before so whats the differnce. Love Dad (in India)xxx

  2. Amazing though it had better not be too early, I want an Aquarius not a Capricorn :P Glad the cast went well, how did it come out?

  3. Can't wait to see you dear cousin and that lovely bump! xx

  4. Wow not long to go at all - the cast looks amazing! I wish I had done something like that when I was preggers - you forget how big the bump really was! Lovely photos from your walk - fresh air is so good for you - as is the walking. Hope you have a good final stretch and that Bristol's pavements are well gritted ;)

  5. I used to work in Housing Benefits, though not for Bristol, before Squeaky came along. If you want me to have a look at things for you, I'd be happy to do so (though I can understand if you don't want to give that sort of information to Strangers On The Internet). They do make mistakes, so it is always worth a second look if the results aren't what you expected.

    Basic headlines from a 10 second search online. Depending whether you applied in November or December, they'll pay up to a maximum of £120.82 (nov) or £121.15 (dec) a week, which will go up to £146.54 (dec rate) or slightly higher, once baby arrives.

    Your applicable amount (what you need to live on) at the moment is £100.95 per week, plus a £10 earned income disregard. Tax & National Insurance & half of any pension contributions are deducted from earnings, but nothing else. 65% of your income above the £110.95 is treated as available to you to pay towards your rent. So if your total combined income after tax & NI is more than £297.33 a week, you won't get anything. If you're paid monthly the calculations can get a bit confusing and that's often where errors are made.

    Once baby arrives, your applicable amount will go up to £184.96, plus the £10 earned income disregard, so then you'll still get some help towards rent if you're earning up to about £380. BUT that income will include your child benefit and child tax credits, so think on an earned income of up to about £340 a week.

    (Gosh, this is a long comment, sorry! I hope it makes some sort of sense though - feel free to email me if you want any help with benefits, it's good to give my brain a workout from time to time.)

  6. hi thanks for the advice! i can't work out how to email you? am i being stupid?


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