oh hi! So I haven't been as consistent with the posting as I promised, but I have been quite busy since I last wrote.

On Sunday Robyn and Alex came over to make us pancakes for breakfast, which was lovely. Once again I was reminded of how lucky I am to be able to have this lovely, cosy and homely flat for my friends to come round and visit me!

I had my last shift also on Sunday, which pretty much killed me. I bumped my head on the corner of a wall in the morning, and I had the flu jab on friday, and I think these things combined made me feel dizzy and uneasy all day. I also had zero energy, as the weekend had been quite a busy one, so I was very glad to be finishing that day. I feel ready to stop being so busy and just be still for a while!


My god, I can not believe that it is Christmas soon, then it will only be a matter of weeks until the baby is here. I really am getting very very scared about my life changing forever, and most of the time I do not feel ready, but I also want to meet the little thing squirming inside of me, and get on with it! I am in a constant state of feeling the complete two opposites of emotions about this baby. All in all I know that I'm scared.


Yesterday I had a very nice day indeed, with my other pregnant friend, Mimi. First of all we went to aquanatal, then sat with a few of the other nice girls to have a cup of tea afterwards having good chats about lots of different things. Even though I haven't made any friends from my antenatal classes I don't mind as much, because I feel as though I have made 2 or 3 good friends from my other activities!

Anyway after a cup of tea, we went back to Mimi's flat, where we ate a lovely big breakfast and sat and chatted. It's very nice having someone in a very similar situation in terms of age, lifestyle, relationship and lots of other things, as well as the fact that we get on really well just as people without being pregnant! We then took a little trip to Mothercare, where we spent about an hour and a half looking at just about everything!

I got a bit of a panicky feeling about not having much of the things I need bought yet, or together in one place. But actually going to Mothercare helped, because I think I have decided on a pram to get, which is just the Mothercare pram with car seat attached for £150. Also I know I can get some reusable nappies there, which I will get money off of. I have made a list of all the rest of the things I need to get, and most of them are just little essential bits. Rob's mum has managed to get hold of a rocking crib and a moses basket for us, which will be good for the beginning. We already have tons of clothes, so the only big thing left is the changing table, clothes storage situation, which hopefully we will be able to get quite easily.

So all we need are little bits like blankets and bedding, nappy things, perhaps a breast pump, muslin cloths and various creams and things! I will just be happy though, when I have everything in a room infront of me, so I can physically tick them off the list, and know that we are fully prepared. One thing I need to get together now is my hospital bag, because this little one could come at any moment!


Wowzers this is getting long! So yes, I had a lovely day with my friend!

Today Rob's grandparents came to visit us to see the flat. They took us out for lunch to Browns, which was lovely, and also bought us nice biscuits and chocolates! It was lovely to see them, and they were as usual to nice to us and very generous! I really like getting to know them, and be part of the family in that way!


This morning I had to go to hospital to the breast clinic. This is because a few times, as well as having a slight milky discharge from my boob, I had a bit of blood. I mentioned it to my midwife, who said I should get it checked out by the GP. The GP said that she couldn't feel anything abnormal, but referred me to the specialist, just to be sure. I had to have an ultrasound of my breasts, which was weird, because I'm used to having my belly scanned and seeing a baby! But everything is fine, and once again just seems to be another thing thrown up by the pregnancy, with many changes occurring. So that's a relief. I've actually been really impressed with the way the doctors and midwives have been here. Everything is followed up quickly, and the level of communication is good, and they check everything out thoroughly.  


Right that's all for now, I have written loads! But lots has been happening in the last few days!

p.s Only about 5 weeks to go!


  1. Well done for getting the flu jab. I didn't get offered it and now, at 37+3, I have flu. It's awful!

    Ikea do a super cheap changing table. I have the next one up in price to match the cot and it's great, but so is the super cheap one (it just didn't come in white which I wanted).


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