End of the Summer with Glasses Direct

There's been that slight shift and change in the air hasn't there? That first night when you realised it was not so hot that you could have the duvet on and wear pyjamas again, the days when the breeze felt just that bit chillier and the realisation that Summer is coming to an end.

I'm not a massive Summer person, I much prefer the transition seasons, and I'm not going to lie the thought of wearing more clothes and layers is appealing! But before Summer truly goes for good, I thought I'd enjoy a few more ice-creams, days spent splashing in water to keep cool and getting as much wear out of my new London Retro Albany sunglasses as I can...(but here's hoping it's going to be sunny in September so I can still wear them!)

I've been a fan of London Retro glasses from Glasses Direct for a long time, and I love how easy they are to order. I don't think I can ever just buy high-street sunglasses again after seeing the difference of having proper lenses in them makes, honestly, I always get people to try on my sunglasses just so they can see the difference! I don't have a prescription in my sunglasses, but used a tinted lens and coating to protect them. I love that you can just add a tinted lens to any frame, with or without prescription, and the clarity is just amazing, I forget I'm wearing them most the time. It's also good to know that they have 100%UV protection, and polarised lenses block 99.7% glare. I went for the Albany in dark tortoise shell.

Most importantly they are really comfortable and come in such a range of styles to suit anyone. You can order a free home trial and test out four different frames before sending them back and choosing your style or use their virtual try on through the website. If you have a prescription it's super easy to put in the details to send to the lab, as well as choosing which lens package you want, including tint, coating and colour. They also always have great deals on such as 2-4-1 or you can also get £30 off your first order by using this link!

I can't believe how lucky we were with the weather these past few months, I don't even mind that it's rained on and off for the past few weeks, as I'm definitely not cut for the hot weather, but I know I'll probably miss it once it's gone. But bring on those slightly warmer September days when everything calms down again, you can focus and restart. We're also heading off to Barcelona in October, where I'm hoping we can still get a little sun! What about you? Are you heading off anywhere before the end of the holidays, or once the kids go back to school?

Don't forget the link to get £30 off your first frames!

I received the glasses as a gift in return for a review, but all images, opinions and words are my own. The link is an affiliate link.


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