A Christmassy Weekend: Choosing our tree and decorating!

So in a bid to keep this little blog a bit more up to date I thought I would share a few photos from last weekend. We decided (well I) that since we didn't put up a tree until Christmas Eve last year due to moving three days before we didn't have chance, so I wanted to get it up as reasonably early as possible! So the first weekend of December we found ourselves with only a few plans so we decided to go out on a Christmas Tree hunt.

Since it's our first proper Christmas in our new house (last year doesn't really count as we weren't there on Christmas day really!) I wanted to make it really festive this year, and I love a bit of glitz and cosy Christmas lights and decorations. We wanted to also find the best place to get a tree locally too so we had a morning of driving round a few places. We were on the hunt for a smaller tree, so whilst the first place we went to had lovely trees, they were all way too big for our front room (and we wanted to put it up higher as there are little grabby toddler hands around this year too!) so we moved on. The second place is a local farm shop which had a few outside but were wrapped in their netting so we couldn't see how they looked, so our third and final place, a local garden centre was the one. Whilst it might not have been the picturesque cut your own tree farm (there seems to be a distinct lack of these and pumpkin patches around me, so I basically fail as an instagrammer...) anyway, we found the perfect tree and then headed to our local Italian for pizza. We were supposed to be going to a light turn on at another place that evening, but we decided staying home and decorating would be more relaxing...it was to a degree!

The next day we joined some of Rohan's nursery friends for a special Santa train journey, where we travelled up to Wiltshire on the train and back again, and met Father Christmas on board. We've not been on one of these before, and whilst I don't really think Rohan had any idea what was going on, he seemed pretty happy with the whole thing, and Theo of course was excited about going on the train and getting a present from Father Christmas. It's also pretty clear to see that Rohan loves the camera, this bodes well for him in this family!

I made a little video too, for our Vlogmas over on my Dear Sister channel, I'd love it if you went and checked it out and subscribed!


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