So that was Christmas

 So it's all over, I don't think it ever really fully arrived at our house. I tried my hardest to still make it Christmassy for Theo, despite moving five days before. We did a few Christmas activities such as ice skating and taking Theo to see Father Christmas and I'm sure he was excited, but the whole thing just felt distracted. The actual run up to the big weekend saw us deep in boxes, Theo returning from Devon and my birthday. It was the busiest I think we've ever been, I barely ate a proper meal and I finally got round to putting up the tree and wrapping presents on Christmas eve. But it all more or less came together in the end. I managed to stop for long enough to soak up the excitement in Theo's face as we put out the food and drink for Father Christmas and him opening his Christmas eve presents.

He woke up early on the day, and we had to persuade him to just open one present from his stocking to let us sleep until at least 6.30am before he came into our bed and opened the rest of it. We then spent the rest of the morning trying to stop him opening ALL the presents before setting off to my mums for the night. The day itself was good, we ate, we played games, went for a walk and watched telly. What more could you want?

We spent the next few days fully relaxing. It was good to be home, to have a little space from lots of people and just spend time as a family of four. I felt for the first time in a while we were able to relax. The house was getting more sorted, we sat down for longer than five minutes and just breathed. That's what this holiday is all about right, slowing down for a few days, taking time to enjoy each other's company and just switching off. So that's what we did for the next few days, and it couldn't have been better.

Hope you all had a great time too!


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