So that was Summer; part three

We arrived back from our Cornwall holiday for a quick pitstop back in Bristol before heading back East, to my hometown for a friends wedding and to see my dad. It's always a weird sensation going back with my little family, showing them the places of my childhood. It was the first time Rohan had been there too, so that was good to feel like we were introducing him there. We spent a few days there before Rob, Rohan and I headed to Mersea Island for our second wedding (two in two weeks!) and had such a great time.

We passed the rest of the time spending it on little day trips to castles, walks around parks and climbing trees. It was a good Summer. Our first as a family of four and we felt so lucky to be able to take a holiday all together at last!

We decided to spend the last part of the holidays and bank holiday weekend down in Devon for one last little trip and mini holiday. Going down to Teignmouth is always such a treat, it's our little holiday home, where we know we can escape to when we need to most. We get to stay with Rob's grandparents where we're always made to feel so welcome and do all those lovely seaside holiday things. We played on the beach, went to the pier, swam in the lido, went to the zoo and of course played on the pier. It felt like we managed to snatch a little more of the summer before it was September once more and summer was over as quickly as it began...(other than it being a ridiculously warm September!)


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