So that was Summer; Part One

So that was that, Summer has passed in a hazy blur once more. I think we spent more time by the coast than we did in the city and for me that's always a good thing.

Not long after school broke up we packed up the car (with A LOT of stuff) and headed South for a week of camping in Cornwall. We drove to the Lizard Point, an area we'd both not really explored since we were children and made it our home for the week. We went camping last year in our bell tent but had to cut it short due to my horrible morning sickness in early pregnancy with Rohan. So we were determined to make it work this year, with a five year old and a baby. We definitely upped our camping game though and even had a pitch with electricity which helped!

The first few days we were gifted great weather, so of course were drawn to the beach. I think we may have started with the best as we visited Kynance Cove just down the road and joined the crowds as we walked over the beautiful heather topped cliffs down towards the sparkling blue sea. We managed to find a spot and pitch our beach shelter just in time for Rohan to have his first three hour long nap on the beach. Sometimes there's nothing more comforting than the memory of falling asleep on the beach, still being able to hear the noise of the waves crashing, the shrieks of playing children and conversation all around you.

We paddled in the crystal clear waters, jumping over waves taking in the beauty of the scenery. After a long afternoon with the picnic complete we climbed to the top of the cliff to have our first cornish cream tea and ice cream whilst looking over the bay.

The next day was followed by much of the same, we headed to a different beach armed this time with a wet suit and a body board and tried our hand at surfing the waves a little. Theo was apprehensive at first, and after a little (massive) meltdown, I manage to persuade him how fun it was and he gave it a go eventually, and did really like it! Rohan had another mega beach nap and we stayed until the the sun started to hide behind the forming clouds and evening was drawing in. That evening we went to get fish and chips and eat them by a harbour side. The perfect holiday day.

We might just skip over the next day, as it rained ALL day. It was hard to believe that the day before we'd been laying on the beach and applying suncream. We spent the morning on the campsite at the indoor pool and play area before attempting to visit a very wet Falmouth and go to a museum. To cut a long story short, the museum had a massive queue as the rest of Cornwall apparently had the same idea, and it was pretty expensive to go in, so we admitted defeat and found a cafe for some cream tea and hot chocolate before trudging back home again for a cozy night in the tent!

The rest I'll save for another time!


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