Reviewing the Pacapod Lewis change bag!

Over the past month or so we've been trying out the Pacapod Lewis change bag. Since Rohan came home from hospital and we were faced with having to cart around a lot more equipment than we were with Theo it became pretty obvious that we would need something a little better than my backpack with some nappies and a spare change of clothes chucked in. 

I've been using a backpack as an everyday bag for a while now as I just can't get on with shoulder bags very well, I like to have my hands free and find they just get in the way a little. So we were searching for a change bag that also doubled as a backpack too and were so happy to find this one. I love that you can use it with two straps on your back, or for those who do prefer an over the shoulder bag it can be easily converted with one long strap. It also has clips to attach it to the pushchair handle which is handy. I love the design of the bag as it doesn't instantly look like a change bag, but is made out of a really durable material, that's wipe clean so is perfect for use with a baby and family life and vegan leather I might add! 

Because we are having to bottle and tube feed Rohan we needed something that we could transport all the milk, bottles, syringes and water around with us whilst keeping milk cool. One of the things we love about the bag is the two pods that fit inside one part of bag. There's a change pod and a feed pod. The feed pod is insulated which is perfect to carry around bottles of milk for whole day, and fits at least two bottles and all the rest that we need as well as an individual bottle cover to keep them hot/cool. The changer pod is great too and has individual sections for all your changing bits such as the nappies, wipes, cream and a little bag for wet or dirty clothes. It fits in enough for a whole day and more and it's just so handy that all the things you need for changing are all to hand in one, neat place! 

I also love that you can choose to have the pods in the bag, which are accessible by a zipped compartment of their own at the back of the bag, meaning that you don't have to wade through the whole bag to find what you need or you can take out each one separately when you need. If we were out and about and either one of us needed to go and change or feed Rohan, we could just grab the pod we needed and leave all the rest of our things in the bag with the other person. They're so compact that they're really easy to just carry around too and keep close and handy. We actually use them out at home too when we're downstairs away from the changing table as it keeps everything we need close to us and organised. If you're just having a quick trip out or want to have them more accessible they attach onto the pushchair handle really easily with velcro meaning you can just quickly unzip them to grab what you need. I've also stored my phone and keys in the little change pod back pocket which is really useful if you're not taking the whole bag with you. 

Lastly the other section of the bag, accessible from another zipped pocket, is for all your own items. I love that things for baby and you can be separated as it's one of my pet hates trying to root around in a bag and locate things! There is a handy tie and clip to attach your keys to so they don't get lost at the bottom of your bag, a zip pocket on the inside for your wallet or phone and some open organiser pockets for other items such as sunglasses, make-up, pens etc...what ever you want! I of course end up carrying around lots of different things for myself and Theo too! (You can see a what's in my bag at the end). There's also one more full sized pocket on the very front of the bag which is really handy for storing items you may need to get to quickly. 

All in all we've loved using this bag, and can see it lasting and adapting to our needs as Rohan gets older. It's so versatile and I just love how it keeps everything so organised and to hand. Its comfortable and not at all garish or "mumsy" in its good for Rob to use too. It's definitely been so useful already! 

We were sent the Lewis change bag for review purposes but all images, words and thoughts are my own. We really do love using this bag! 


  1. Have been looking for something like this- great tips Abi thanks! :) X


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