A family walk : The bluebell woods

Since the bluebells have all but faded now I thought I would share a few photographs from a walk we took a few weeks back (and it's definitely not because I've only just got round to editing them...)

We drove out of Bristol to explore a new to us area, and managed to find not one but two woodlands to walk around. This was the second which we stumbled upon on our way back and couldn't resist pulling the car over and getting out. The woodland was full of tall Beech trees with wide gaps between the trunks in which the ground was carpeted in a haze of purple. The late afternoon sun slanted through the trees throwing glistening light on some and creating deep hues of blue in the shadows. Theo and I explored the woodland which had a slightly eerie quiet about it as people just walked contently around in awe of the beautiful flowers. Satisfied that we had witnessed one of the best parts that Spring has to offer we climbed back in the car and headed back into the city. Now we know that this place exists, I'm sure we'll be returning year after year. 


  1. Love these pics. Just started reading your story- you have an amazing family and you are one strong woman! keep going! x


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