Spring favourites with Green people

 Spring is a bad time for my purse. The change in the season, and especially the transition between the colder months to the warm always make me want to have a complete overhaul of my clothes and beauty products and freshen up. Add having just recently having a baby to that list and finally being able to fit into normal clothes again and it all gets a little expensive. Even so I thought I would do a little round up of somethings that have caught my eye and some things that may have made their way into my possession...

Firstly I wanted to talk about skincare. Now that there are two children in my life the time I have to properly look after my skin and keep up my skincare regime seems to have decreased somewhat, and some nights it's lucky to get a face wipe and toner. So when I was asked whether I would like to try the new Beauty boost skin restore rescue cream by Green People I leaped at the chance. Anything to help my tired slightly neglected skin is a winner and especially a product that gives your skin the treatment of a facemask or facial but in a fraction of the time. As always with Green People products the fact that all this is done by natural organic ingredients just makes it all the better. I was quite lucky in pregnancy that my skin had that radiant glow to it, I think it's to compensate for all the other not so great symptoms I'd been having. So once the pregnancy was over let's face it I was keen to get that glow back! All the stress and worry after Rohan was born plus all the changes in hormones definitely didn't help. So since I've started using it I feel like I have noticed a difference, or more like I've noticed I haven't been reaching for my highlighter quite as much to brighten up my face and give it a "glow" as it just didn't seem to need it. I've also been on the lookout for a new spring blush, and I think I may have found it in the Max factor Creme puff blush. I love the natural and fresh look it gives, and the colours are lovely too!

Next on my list are a few versatile items of clothing, which include a few denim items. I'm slightly obsessed with anything denim related, and Monki have been my go to place for denim for a while now. Their jeans are really well made and fit ever so nicely so I decided to try out their denim dungaree dress. I'm also slightly over the moon that polo necks and high neck lines have made a comeback as they are definitely the most flattering for me. I love this simple grey t-shirt that would work with so many different outfits. Finally anyone who knows me will know that I harbour a very big sweet spot for anything glitzy and metallic. I love thislittle case so much (also hello new homeware, beauty and travel items from Monki!) Speaking of glitz this skirt caught my eye whilst browsing in M&S and I thought it would be perfect dressed up for one of the weddings we have coming up this summer, or dressed down (if I dare!) for the daytime. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm getting older, or that I've never fully appreciated the variety of styles available or just that M&S are not just catering for the older generation anymore but recently there has been so much that has caught my eye and that I've fallen in love with. I picked up some lovely skirts and a dress in the sale recently, and I'm lusting over this denim A-line skirt for the upcoming warmer months. Finally I'm a sucker for anything dusty pink and these shoes from Clarks (as always!) are just beautiful! 
Just a quick end note to say that if you preorder the Green people Beauty boost now and before the 7th of April then you can receive 10% off! 


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